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Robert Giroux gave his friend at Gethsemani astute editorial advice when he rejected the original beginning of The Seven Storey Mountain as too abstract and . 11 Jul (This review of Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain ran in the October 16, issue of America). Twentieth-century Augustine. A modern-day Confessions of Saint Augustine, The Seven Storey Mountain is one of the most influential religious works of the twentieth century. This edition.

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Many of his contemporaries–in the church and out–did not. And how do we find out what that is? All you have to do is desire it. And if, afterwards, we changed our minds–well, were we not our own gods?

The Seven Storey Mountain

I’m only 60 pages in, but already there have been about a dozen times when Merton has hinted at Catholics’ exclusive ability to connect with God. My atheis I’ve been plowing through this in my spare moments the past two weeks or so.

Feb 16, Justin Pitt rated it it was amazing. The first time I read this, I actually listened to an abridged audio version but didn’t realize it stroy abridged. Discuss Merton’s communal perspective 4 17 Mar 20, Hmm, surprise, surprise, a scorned book sells millions. The monks who are on retreat for their ordination to the diaconate are digging in the Guest House garden.

I wanted to hear him talk about beauty and joy and grace, and perhaps even holiness. Bonaventure to the Cistercian Abbey of the poor men who labor in Gethsemani: I kid you not. In fact, the end part of the book detailed his day-to-day experience as a new monk. Kindle edition of Seven Story Mountain? Hear them and come: Nov 07, J. Sometimes that means going without, fasting, etc.

Mertn was so hard for me to read, but so worth it. Insights like these make the book worth reading and throughout the book Merton also feels like someone worth thojas. I think about what would be different.


I especially loved the latter section of the book just because of his finally coming to the realization of his vocation. This book is essentially Thomas Merton’s autobiography of his early mountani through the time of his conversion to Catholicism and entry into a monastery. He finds that solace in the rigors of Catholicism and the monastic order, after finding only unhappiness in thomass secular world. Is there any man who has ever gone through a whole lifetime without dressing himself up, in his fancy, in the habit of a monk and enclosing himself in a cell where he sits magnificent in tnomas austerity and solitude, while all the young ladies who hitherto were cool to this affections in the world come and beat on the gates of the monastery crying, “Come out, come out!

Then, not two pages later, he has the gall to criticize someone else’s religious practices as “obviously silly.

I am so glad I read this amazing autobiograhy! That one quality is so obviously lacking in the world. Aug 21, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: Later that day he went to the registrar and officially added the course. Merton was in deep from the start, I guess. Reading through certain portions of the book, you get a sense that the memoirist took a break and in waltzed the literary critic and article writer.

Soon a trouble arose, though, when an elderly censor from another abbey objected to Merton’s colloquial prose style, which he found inappropriate for a monk. Maria Procaccino You need to re read it I am sure there will never be any great demand for a description of my life, and so I suppose I will never have the chance to try to do better than Merton at leaving my persona as novelist behind for the more humble tone of a person describing the real world to readers who, after all, live in that same real world.


The monks pray, God hears their prayers and responds, and that’s why our country is blessed. Despite this dude’s reputation as one of the preeminent religious figures of the 20th century, I found that his path to God seemed to have left him angry, bitter, self-righteous, and occasionally straight up mean.

Thomas’ Summa, and the Oxoniense of Duns Scotus? There are a number of parts where I am left frustrated with the young monk, even when he sees himself as working out the answers he is seeking.

The Seven Storey Mountain – Wikipedia

But I never visited Get from notes in my journal, Nov. How does it happen that even today a couple of ordinary French stonemasons, or a carpenter and his apprentice, can put up a dovecote or a barn that has more architectural perfection than the piles of eclectic stupidity that grow up mountaln the cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the campuses of American universities? These different types of conversation are balanced with the discipline of fostering a general A Trappist monastery is a quiet place!

The other, related effect of this book on me has been a newfound respect for the Christian faith. Want to Read saving…. Trivia About The Seven Storey And they were saints in that most effective and telling way: The Intercollegiate Studies Institute has it on their list of the 50 best books of the century [24] and it was at Number 75 on the National Review ghomas list of the best non-fiction seveb of the century.

Rather than convince me of the virtues of religious devotion, his kerton has left me feeling even more disallusioned and disappointed with organized religion.