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As commander of the Greek forces, Ulysses conquers Troy. And then he and his men embark upon a glorious journey home, unaware that they have angered. The leader of the Greek forces returning from Troy encounters the Cyclops, the beautiful sorceress Circe and more, as he tries to ward off the anger of the gods. As Ulysses & his brave men sail to Greece, they encounter deadly Sirens, the man-eating Cyclops & other nightmarish creatures.

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One scene that was pretty exciting was when Ulysses throws the giant rock slab at the suitors and kills them all with one try. They get off the bellies of the rams and make a run for the ship.

This may not be the worst book I’ve ever read, but it defiantly on the list. It was quite adventured, despite the action. Polyphemus is a giant, who eats humans. I think mythology lovers of any age will enjoy this book.

While Penelope announces the contest to the suitors, Ulysses arms himself. Poseidon convinces Aeolus, his son, to send a gale that drives the Hellenes around the Greek islands toward Libya in Africa. Evslinn tricks Polyphemus into becoming intoxicated which allows Ulysses time to blind the Cyclops.

I read this book as a child and have read it every few years. Heroes, monsters, gods, battles, and kings – the legend of Ulysses is brought to life in this classic retelling of The Odyssey. On all islands he somehow got his crew out of danger. This word defines Ulysses as a leader because he is commanding and powerful. The Adventures of Ulysses by Bernard Evslin. View all 5 comments.


This retelling is well written for young adults and the story moves along swiftly! Dec 25, K.

View the Study Pack. May 18, Emily Ann rated it did not like it Shelves: Common terms and phrases Aeolus Alcinous Antinous Athene awoke beach beautiful beggar belly Bernard Evslin black ship blood Calypso castle cave Charybdis Ciconians Circe climbed courtyard crew cried Ulysses Cyclops dead deck dreams Eumaeus Eurylochus Eurymachus eyes face father fell fight fire flowers ghosts giant girls goats goddess gods golden Greek gull hand happened harbor head heard helm hero horse howling huge husband island Ithaca keep kill king knew land looked Lotusland mast mighty Morpheus naiad Nausicaa never night oars Ogygia Penelope Perimedes Phaeacia Polyphemus Poseidon raft river rock sail sailors Scylla ship shipwrecks shouted singing Sirens sleep sound spear stag stood stranger suitors swam swiftly sword tall Tartarus Teiresias Telemachus tell terrible things Thrinacia took trees Trojans Troy turned Ulysses saw voice voyage waiting warriors watched weaving wife wild wind wine wolves young Zeus.

The Adventures of Ulysses Summary & Study Guide

View a FREE sample. New problem and the Well, I certainly won’t pick this book up. Thank you for reading.

None of the suitors are able to string Ulysses’ bow. He wrote more than 30 books which re-told the great Greek myths and legends. I wish he had been more distraught advsntures the death of his faithful dog who had waited 20 years for his return! Ulysses saved his many in various situations through the book.

Cox rated it it was amazing. You’ll waste your time Oct 24, Riley rated it did not like it. And I don’t recommend this to people that are older than 15 years old because I don’t think that people that are hte that age like this kind of adventures but if they like myths and gods I think they might or it, even though they can find more complicated books to read!

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The Adventures of Ulysses Quiz

When he goes to save Hellen, he uses a strategy that angered Poseidon, the god of the sea, because it wasn’t meant to him and meant to the Trojans. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I would recommend this book to people between the ages of 10 and 15 because people that are younger than 10 years old won’t understand the book because of the vocabulary and because it is very hard to understand all the things that are going on at the same time because it is very confusing.

Ulysses and Jason are my two favorite heroes and I can’t get enough of their stories! The god is greatly pleased and grants Ulysses a bag of winds in order to help him return to Ithaca. Ulysseus and his men find themselves trapped in Polyphemus’ cave. Trivia About The Adventures of I really enjoyed reading again the adventures of Ulysses!

When Poseidon sees Ulysses, he destroys the hero’s ship. Because my son is a fan of the Riordan books, I hope he will like the Adventures of Ulysses and see the parallels. Had to read for school.

It was the worst book I read this year, honestly. After, all the princes attack Ulysses but Ulysses is too good with the bow and Telemachus is fighting with his sword.