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Lyrics of Vishnu Sahasranamam from movie Vishnu Sahasranamam Dhivya Sahasranama Sthothra Mahamanthrasya Sri Vedhavyaso Bhagavan. Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra Asya Shriivishhnor-Divyasahasranaama Stotra Mahaa Mantrasya Shri Vedavyaaso Bhagavaan Rishhih Anushhtuph Chhandah. Vishnu Sahasranama means the “Thousand Names of Vishnu. Earning the grace of the teacher and the blessings of the Lord Vishnu, Sri sankara inaugurated.

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Whose body is of the dark ” shyamam ” like the clouds ” sahasransmam “. The Upanishad itself describes Him: Of the sense organs, the eyes ” netram ” are the most powerful and once they are well guided, all others also follow their heels. In the previous epithet Samgrahah, He was shown as the Cohesion of Love in the world of matter and energy, and in Sargah, He, sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in the One material and efficient cause of creation, was shown as also the very supporter of the manifested world.

He saves us from the elements Taarahand so, He is cishnu Saviour from all sorrows of birth and death; this indicates all trans-Cosmic tragedies Aadhidaivikameaning that Narayana can save us from sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in sorrows contributed by the hand God. Desire is the source from which endless series of other sources of sorrows flow into the human life.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram Lyrics 1000 Names

Kaamahaa -One who destroys all desires. He is Dhritaatmaa – He is established in Himself.

sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in Thoughts constitute the mind-intellect; when the Infinite functions through this Total Mind-intellect, It is called as Hiranyagarba the womb of all objects, it is from the Hiranya garba-state, the manifestation of the gross world emerges out, when the lord comes to play as a Virat Aatmaa.

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Lotus in Hinduism represents Truth or any of Its manifested powers. He is the Lord who is behind this universe of scientific truths and rhythm.

In Geeta and in the Si we find sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in Infinite described as the very Indweller everywhere in His Eesvara status, and as the very substratum for the universe in the Pure Transcendental nature. In the Upanishad we have the gishnu, that the Infinite Perfection, the Lord is sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in the very nature of Absolute Bliss. In a chant of glory stuti repetitions are acceptable-it is but a style of the emotional heart to repeat its declarations of love.

The Rishi of a mantra is installed at the roof of the head and the seeker, in his seat of Vishnu-Sahasranaama-chanting.

Here again it is the superlative degree of glorious, Sreyah. A true seeker sahqsranamam not desire-ridden for material satisfaction, and, therefore, he can have only one intention-the grace of lord, which will manifest in him as contemplative power.

The devas live and sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in functioning till sahasransmam great dissolution-the Sleep of the Creator. This creative power of righteous-ness and peace is installed at the navel naabhi point, and, therefore, the fingers come down from the heart region to the navel. It is well sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in that space everywhere is one and the same; so too, the One Reality sports as though different Aatmans. The term Pati has a direct meaning: The Self is veiled away from direct experience of all Jeevas.

Vishnu is this All-experiencing Principle of consciousness. He is the one who pervades all and nothing ever pervades Him.


Lord of Time sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in the One, in whose presence alone, time concept is possible. This changeless reality is Vishnu. When this is properly performed with a right attitude and devotion, the student gains identification saaroopya with the Lord of his heart, at the outer levels of his personality.

Vishnu Sahasranamam (Meanings)

Sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in -All manifested expressions of life are called as the Praana. Kaama-krit -One who fulfils all desires. In a sense it means the Almighty, the All-powerful. Maayaa, otherwise called as Avidyaa, is constituted of the Vaasanaas in us, forming our Causal Body.

Vishnu Sahasranamam Stotram Lyrics Names | Hindu Devotional Blog

Through the scriptures of the world, it is again He, who speaks to us of our ultimate Harbour beyond the stormy seas; of Maayaa, in the simple words of brilliant suggestions declared by the Saints, Sages, Rishis, Prophets and other Divine Men. Passive truthfulness is the harbour of the fools, the dark den of the cowards; although it is any day better than suicidal un- truth and criminal dishonesty.

In the Puranas, we find Bhagavan Vishnu taking up in Sri vishnu sahasranamam lyrics in various Incarnations different manifested forms and in all of them He was victorious; ever irresistible Aniruddhah is His Might. Adhishthaanam – the substratum for the entire universe.