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17 Aug Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic SASSI & PUNNU: a heart breaking love story (song by the Indian legend. 16 Dec The story of Sassi Punnu is the most famous of the seven tragic Sindhi romances that Shah Latif immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. Punnu was a Hoth prince remnant of whose miri (fort) can still be seen near Turbat, and .

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She is a fairy from Koh Kaaf. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai sings this historic tale in his sufi poetry as ln example of eternal love and union with Divine.

As Sassi kept waiting for Punnu in their bedroom, she applied henna to her left hand. Sory Sassui became a young girl, she was as beautiful as the fairies of heaven. Though sassi punnu story in had prayed for a son, sassi punnu story in rejoiced at the birth of their beautiful baby. Not being aware of their true design, Punnu and Sassi were thrilled that his brothers had finely accepted his marriage and were visiting them. Now, in that same place, there are two mountains that remain together for eternity.

Punnhun agreed to prove his love. Her eyes are deeper than oceans on the earth, her cheeks are brighter than stars in the sky, and her voice is sweeter than the cuckoos in the jungles. Atta bid him to wash sasdi sassi punnu story in full of clothes to test his veracity. She was cosseted and petted as the only child of a prosperous dhobi. This page was last edited on 14 Junesassi punnu story in Join or Log Into Facebook. Aik gadariya aik jhonpre se bahir nikalta hai.


They put their baby storyy in a wooden box and, early one morning when it was still dark, floated it on to the River Indus, hoping she would be rescued by a kind soul. As he had no child of his own, he decided to adopt her. Sassui’s father asked Punhun to prove that he was worthy of Sassui by passing the test as a washerman. Sassi was the daughter of the King of Bhamboor it is in Sindh whose ruins can be seen today.

Punhun agreed to prove his love. Have mercy on my sassi punnu story in soul. She was running about madly, calling out his name.

The Eternal Love of Sassi Punnu

Woh Pannu ko dhamkate hain leakin woh baaz nahain aata hai. Sassui ran away and prayed to God to hide her and when God listened to her prayers, land shook and split and Sassui found herself buried in the valley of sassi punnu story in.

But Atta would have none of it. Punnu was sassi punnu story in to see his brothers supporting his marriage and on the first night, they pretended to enjoy and participate in the marriage celebrations and forced Punnu to drink different types of wines. Sassi ke pedaesh kay moqa per najamiyo ne kaha thaa woh apne khandandane sassi kay liye manhoos sabit ho ge.

Sassi Punnu – Folk Love Stories of Pakistan

To reach the city she had to cross miles of desert land, the journey that was full of dangerous hazards, leading sassi punnu story in the end of world. Instead, they placed their beautiful daughter in a basket to send down the Indus River.

When Sassi got to know that he had torn most of the clothes were torn, she told her friend to carry a message: Lahaza Sassi kay baap ne hukm sadir keya thaa kay es larke sassi punnu story in lakre kay sandoq mein band ker kay Darya-e-Sindh mein phank deya jaye.

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Sassi was the daughter of the Raja of Bhambore in Sindh now in Pakistan. The washerman believed the child was a blessing from God and took her home.

Sassui Punnhun

Alone, she continued her journey until her feet were blistered and her lips sassi punnu story in parched from crying “Punhun, Punhun!

Sassi was still wearing the tabiz amuletwhich the queen mother had put around her neck when she was taken away to be drowned.

Punnu, who had never washed a single article of clothing, was unable to wash the shirt in the river against the rocks like a dhobi. I am Punnu for you. On the way he called out “Sassui, Sassui! He gave her some water to drink. Punnu pinnu sassi punnu story in drank until he passed out.

The washerman took it to Atta. Sassi and Punnu meet When Sassi became a young girl, she was as beautiful sassi punnu story in the fairies of heaven. The messenger explained how worried his father was, and how the Prince had lowered himself to the level of an ordinary worker by washing clothes. The messenger tracked down Punnu washing clothes sitting at the dhobi ghaat with other dhobis.

The pent-up sufferings of the parents flowed into tears. Please log in using one of sassi punnu story in methods to post your comment: The stick was to be planted in soil in sssi morning according to the custom in those days.

Seeing her incredible beauty, dirty lustful thoughts came into his mind, and he tried to force himself on Sassui.