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SAP FI/CO Demystified: Questions & Answers 1st Edition, authored by V. Narayanan, is a book that gives readers an understanding of the technology by SAP. SAP FI/ CO Demystified: Questions and Answers top of page ABSTRACT. Using an easy to understand format, the author seeks to demystify SAP FI/CO. : SAP FI/CO: Demystified: Questions and Answers: This is not just another Book on SAP FI/CO. Through an easy-to-understand `Questions.

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Also, the status of transactions can also be recorded through it. A user is free to consider the special period anytime when the qeustions of same is felt.

The users need not to worry about the security sap fico demystified questions and answers the data and in addition to this, it simply make sure of managing and utilizing the data in a reliable manner. The same information can then be passed to the concerned authorities for the betterment.

Errors can be due to negligence of users, fault in the system, wrongly prepared bills or claims, gross aand, basic accounting errors, errors due not updating the sheets sap fico demystified questions and answers so on. There are options for manual payments that can be made either in cash or through cherubs. View Answer Is it possible to calculate depreciation to the day? They are generally used when it comes to defining any data that is related to fiscal year.


They can be tagged as Group currency and hard currency. What asset classes are there? Q4 Can you name a few modules with which it is possible for demysrified users to integrate the financial accounting?


Below in this article you will find books that are most relevant in understanding concepts of FICO module and for the sapp of SAP interviews. SAP FICO Interview Questions covers topics like accounts payable, general ledger, accounts receivable, fixed asset, document posting, controlling and integration. Sap fico demystified questions and answers first and the foremost is the main language. The organizations are free to use any two options for parallel that they seem to have more need.

View Answer Is business area at company code level? There are lot xemystified opportunities from many reputed companies in the world.

View Answer How are tolerances for invoice verification defined? Machine Learning Training 5. It covers all modules of financial module.

The Tax amounts can be sent to stocks by default or the users are free to make challenges in them as per their need and convince. View Answer What are the statistical sap fico demystified questions and answers orders?

The users are free to keep up the pace simply even when the operational areas needs core accounting skills questione have problems associated with them. They are generally defined assets for the different functional area.

View Answer What is posting period variants?

SAP FI/ CO Demystified: Questions and Answers (Paperback) by V. Narayanan

The Project system accounting can also be managed through it in a reliable manner. What is the limit on the currencies which you can configure?


It is widely considered I Financial accounting for handling a lot of tasks that anwwers to the organizations. View Answer What are the problems when business area is configured?

It is possible for the users to customize it if required.

Best available SAP books to prepare for interview and to learn SAP FICO – Your Finance Book

It is basically a time frame during which the transactions figures are updated. Popular Courses in Errors are of lot of types and can be due to a diverse array of reasons. It controls the fields which should provide information on the concerned accounts.

It simply makes sure of avoiding the situation such as risk of bad debts and outstanding receivables. When transactions are done, there are often fields which come up, this option is used demystiffied is sap fico demystified questions and answers when they are not required while handling the tasks. It simply give idea about the type of posting which can either be credit or debit as well as the type of accounts.

It is not always necessary that everyone needs to use the FICO in the same manner.