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SAP FI/CO Demystified: Questions & Answers 1st Edition, authored by V. Narayanan, is a book that gives readers an understanding of the technology by SAP. SAP FI/ CO Demystified: Questions and Answers top of page ABSTRACT. Using an easy to understand format, the author seeks to demystify SAP FI/CO. : SAP FI/CO: Demystified: Questions and Answers: This is not just another Book on SAP FI/CO. Through an easy-to-understand `Questions.

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IBM Cognos Training 5.

SAP FI/CO Demystified: Questions and Answers (Paperback)

Q15 Can you name a few methods with the help of which the vendor invoice payments can be taken care of? Therefore, it needs to be changed as per the requirement. They are generally used when it comes to defining any data that is related to fiscal year.

The first and the foremost is the main language. A user is free to consider the special period anytime when the need of same is felt.

It is used whenever there is a need for the organization to access the external accounts. The users can often made mistake.

Q3 Why the financial statements are important for any business? View Answer Is business area at company code level? It covers all most all chapters of Financial and controlling module. View Answer Is it possible to calculate depreciation to the day? Q26 Dfmystified something about the credit control area in the SAP? Also, there are additional taxes applicable there. View Answer What are the statistical internal orders?


Sap fico demystified questions and answers Can you name a few modules with which it is possible for the users to integrate the financial accounting? View Answer In Asset Accounting what is the organizational assignments? They can be tagged as Group ansewrs and hard currency. Next is to make sure that the document is valid or not.

There are options for manual payments that can be made either in cash or through cherubs. This demystifiedd can be used as a reference tool for those companies where sap is in implementation stage or about to be sap fico demystified questions and answers. There are total periods among which 4 are considered as special.

Artificial Intelligence AI Training 5. All the financial cemystified can be extracted through it along with all the relevant information required by the users.

View Answer What is short-end fiscal year? It is basically an approach that enables users to determine the transaction type among the various possible options in the domain.

Best available SAP books to prepare for interview and to learn SAP FICO – Your Finance Book

The credit control is in the SAP enable the organization to impose a strict upper limit on the credit for the customers.

As most of the qusstions are same, you can refer this book. Generally, it is a two digit number when is entered during defining questionx item. View Answer What is an account group and where it is used? View Answer What are the major components of Chart of Accounts? Asset sap fico demystified questions and answers is the primary class that is used for the purpose of justifying the assets.


It is basically an important tool which is useful in preparing the statements about the finance related to an organization or a business. View Answer What is year dependent fiscal year variant? The Project system accounting can also be managed through it in a reliable manner.

Q17 What is questiona significance of financial general ledger accounting? They are generally defined assets for the different functional area. View Sap fico demystified questions and answers What are the application areas that use validation and substitutions? First thing to make sure is whether the items get cleared status by the management or not. Depending on the type of projects which vary largely, the organizations have to end a month a day earlier or two.

Q7 What are the common reasons of errors in the accounting and what impact do they actually have on the organization?