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In the sprawling trilogy Orbitor, by Romanian novelist Mircea Cărtărescu, the text becomes a bridge between such worlds. The first volume of the trilogy, just out. Orbitor vol Corpul (Romanian Edition) [Mircea Cartarescu] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Cărtărescu pare că s-a retras din orice. All about Orbitor. Kroppen by Mircea Cărtărescu. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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This pervasive awareness of the biological and internal and potential horribleness resonated deeply – must be because of a common experience of pain and illness, added to the knowledge of terminology and physiology.

They arrive in the city as innocent teens, fresh from their small village. The book is the novel of Bucharest, the way Crime and Punishment is the novel of Saint Petersburg, but it is also a novel of New Orleans, and also a transcendent space at mircea cartarescu orbitor meeting point of the universe and the void.

Ana rated it it was amazing Nov 14, It’s a set of thought processes that’s usually ticking away in the background but which I hardly ever articulate any more because I don’t talk to other people who think in those terms All worlds exist to be existed. Which in all three is easiest if your general knowledge fits mircea cartarescu orbitor favoured specialisms.

The early part of Blinding fulfilled this craving amazingly. The smallest event in one part of the world can have extraordinary consequences on the other side of the world. I am not saying that he is not a good writer.

The story includes rumoured human sacrifice, opium poppy addiction, zombies and battles between angels and demons. Bij deel I en vooral II van deze trilogie ben ik behoorlijk leeggelopen met jubelende superlatieven, en daar neem ik nu ik het laatste deel uit heb niets van terug. Trivia About Orbitor Orbitor In cartaarescu page dense and hallucinatory first volume, the narrator describes his first memories of Bucharest: And if I do not plunge bravely into the milky abyss that surrounds and hides it in the pupa of my mind, I will never know if I was, if I am a voracious nun, a spider dreaming on an endless pair of stilts, or a butterfly of supernatural beauty.


Everything has a dual structure, everything is connected through space and time. Sometimes it can be hard to tell where reality ends and the fantastic begins. Diana rated it it was amazing Apr 22, Later in Blindinga long story of a New Orleans voudou underworld contains features which remind that behind the iron curtain, you didn’t get memos about post-colonial theory; the imagery draws unapologetically on decades-old pulp, gone surrealist, virtuosic, and so vivid I remember it in pictures as if I’d mirceaa a comic, not words.

Orbitor. Aripa stângă by Mircea Cărtărescu

Descrierile sunt vivide, sunt pline de culori, mirosuri, sunete, tot felul de imagini artistice care se imbina ca sa creeze locuri si momente si oameni pe care cititorul ii “ingereaza” si pe care incearca sa ii inteleaga.

God has not died, rather he has yet to be born.

E’ un libro denso, complesso, con molteplici livelli di lettura, che alterna parti narrative a parti filosofiche, scenari onirici e surreali, scene bibliche rivisitate.

I can’t even mircew rate this book because it was so strange Together, these texts form an ecstatic and elegiac epic, in which the reader travels across the body of a butterfly literally and figurativelyfrom the begining to the end of time.

Beatrice rated it it was ok Oct 20, Inconspicuous details of everyday life become significant; bygone times leave their stamp on a human mind while the stench of destruction is fought by iridescent memory and its anamorphic, diffracted illuminations.

Here’s hoping that parts two and three will get an English translation in the near future. Lucia rated it really liked it Apr 02, Orbiror trivia or quizzes yet.

The universe at that time consisted of the three rooms in our home and a few annexes, extended like spider legs, with an ambiguity all the greater for their distance. One orbittor where this metaphysical journey will lead in the two subsequent volumes. View all 61 comments. Other books in the series.


At its heart, this magnum opus is about what it means to be alive: The underground caverns of Bucharest, crowded with statues and tombs, do not simply connect parts of the city, but instead act as conduits connecting those who hold their secrets with access to a mysterious, spiritual dimension.


Yes, each of us have a single neuron within us, and humanity is a dissipated brain that strives desp An insane, complex memoir-hallucinatory dreamscape made for some complicated, but mind-shattering in a good way reading. Our temporal existence, past and future, follows laws of symmetry, just as our bodies are governed by basic anatomical symmetries: Please modify page number – ISBN A prayer for deliverance.

Fantastical though it is, it felt like what I had really been looking for when I tried to do a dissertation about “pagan survivals” in late medieval English religion Elke pagina opnieuw geloof je niet wat je ziet, en dat gaat dus pagina’s zo door.

Dar odata ce ati intrat in mircea cartarescu orbitor, devine pasionant, halucinant. Cand frunza migdalului se fragezeste, intelegem ca primavara-i aproape. Steeds zoekt hij nieuwe vormen van extatische vervoering, waarin hij voor even alle grenzen overschrijdt en het eigen ik-gevoel verliest in een soort oceanische chaos. Het is typisch van dat proza waar je helemaal voor gaat of helemaal niet: And until the bell of our minds is incorporated into the universal desolation, it will function as an internal organ reflecting the whole, the way a pearl reflects the martyred flesh of an oyster.

Archipelago Books I’d seen them on Goodreads plenty of times and the covers looked like the epitome of everything boring about highbrow. It’s often anything but. As befits a work of poetic cosmology, The Left Wing has a tripartite structure.

To comprehend that is, just maybe, what it takes to grasp what awaits us:. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Between he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Amsterdam.