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What you are about to read was co-written by Dave Kekich from his “Kekich’s Credo,” by the late great Gary Halbert, and by yours truly. Enjoy! 1. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. All of the Kekich Credos can be downloaded for free. User: kekich, pwd: credo The Kekich Credos adapted for both health and wellness and business building. 2. Make It Big by Frank McKinney (the chapter titles). 3. The 34 Maverick.

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Make important decisions carefully, consider your gut feelings -then pull the trigger. Unattended problems will not go away, but will usually get worse. That will be just as true this time next kekicn. Invest only after strict and complete due diligence. The price is too high. So my goal in this blog is to share encouraging insights I’ve gained in my life’s journey that may help you on your own.

Life operates in reverse action to entropy. Lying is for thieves and cowards.

Cut your losses short — and let your profits run. Keep fully insured physically and materially and keep hedged emotionally.

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Empire builders spend hour-after-hour on mental work…while others party. First impressions are lasting impressions. Take, for example, someone who is unhappy with their work life.


A They reach their breaking point and finally do something about it, or B Are terminated. A success key is positioning yourself at the top of their agenda.

We need increase the organization, planning, discipline, and implementation in credls lives. I might wake up some mornings and want to quit.

Do not compromise if you are right. The major solutions you find will be surprisingly simple, and the competition is minimal.

(*&$# My Comfort Zone – Karla Silver

Whenever something sounds too good to be true, it almost always is. People will do almost anything to stay in their comfort zones. You can get any job done through the sheer force of will when combined with uncompromising integrity and competence. The primary purpose of business is to create and keep customers.

Discipline usually means cdedos the creds of what you feel like doing. Every day should be a celebration of existence.

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Business is life on all levels at all times. Refuse to be swayed by emotion when it conflicts with reason. Long term success is built on credibility and on establishing enduring loving relationships with quality people based on mutually earned trust. The easy roads to discipline are:. You are responsible for exactly who, what and where you are in life.


Anticipate and avoid problems — or meet them head on at the outset.

(*&$# My Comfort Zone

Skip to content Kekich Credos — Inspiring Insights to Better Living and Great Success David Kekich is a go-getter and seeks to maximize not only the length of a human life but also the efficiency to get more accomplished. Cut all ties with dishonest, negative or lazy people, and associate with people who share your values. You can do it. Discipline usually means doing the opposite of what you feel like doing. Learn how your comment data is processed. There will always be inequities.

Real regrets only come from not doing your best. These books can help How you react to them is.

To maximize profits, replicate yourself. An hour of effective, precise, hard, disciplined — and integrated thinking can be worth a month of hard work. Maintain a long term outlook in all endeavors. Memories are fallible, and death is inevitable so far. Thanks for the tips!!

Identify and replace all external authorities with internal strength and competence.