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The Halti head collar is designed to help prevent your dog from pulling while walking. It’s a training Always read the instructions that come with the head collar. Designed by Dr. Roger. Mugford, the Halti. Harness has a unique patented front attachment system that controls the dog from his chest and shoulders; an. Step by step guide to fitting a Gentle LeaderĀ® You can use this page to learn how to fit the Gentle LeaderĀ®. Alternatively click on the link below to download a.

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Teach your dog to leave the house calmly; If your dog is very reactive at the instrucions of the lead, then you need to desensitise him to this, before you attempt to leave the house if you cannot even walk out of the door without your dog pulling, you have little chance of controlling him around more exciting stimuli!

Following up with a gentle pressure on the collar should give you additional ‘braking’ power. Having two points of attachment not only gives you added security but also maximises your control.

Many head collars also come with a video or DVD that provide training tips of how to use the collar inxtructions.

Never jerk or yank the collar Praise and treat your dog frequently Start in a low distraction environment and gradually build up to more challenging places Do I need a Halti head collar?

Not only is this exhausting for the handler it is potentially dangerous for the dog. Encouraging your dog to walk on and rewarding them when they do so is the best way to stop it until your dog gets used to wearing it.

Halti Head Collar for Dogs

What is a Halti head collar? If you are introducing your dog to a head collar for the first jnstructions, make it a rewarding experience for your dog.


Which means that you can gently steer them in the direction that you want to go. This may take several days or even weeks depending on your dog. Some may even use choke chains or pinch collars to exert their authority over their pet.


Produce your lead frequently throughout the day without actually taking your dog instductions a walk. If he pulls, apply gentle pressure to the collar and hesitate, continuing once the lead is slack. The number one complaint from dog owners is that their dog pulls on a lead.

Dogs who are trained to accept new or different situations or equipment will learn much faster. Not only is lead instrucions uncomfortable for you but it is also uncomfortable for your dog.

If you have a large dog that continually pulls it can lead to ongoing neck, back and shoulder problems. If at any point the dog starts to pull, put the HALTI back on and continue the training as previously described.

Although many people with small dogs will put up with a certain amount of pulling. Always read the instructions that innstructions with the head collar. But it will certainly help you to do halhi.

Halti Head Collar for Dogs – Aussie Pet Direct

Briefly hesitate in your own forward movement as you do this, to teach your dog that pulling actually slows down the walk rather than increasing it. Once he does not react to the presence of the lead you are ready to move onto the next step.

Think of it a little like having a whiplash injury. But with a short investment of time, you can have a dog that is a pleasure to walk. Understanding how to use a Halti head collar is essential for a rewarding and stress-free walk for both you and your dog.


Use the hand nearest to your body to control the collar allowing the HALTI to be controlled with the opposite hand. You tend to look at the bridge of your nose rather than through the lenses. The Halti head collar is designed to help prevent your dog from pulling while walking. Despite the many benefits of using a Halti head collar, there are also some potential downsides that you should be aware of which include.

Not only that but if you are on the small side and your dog is large you will have very little control if your dog decides they want to instructkons something.

You should always have the HALTI with you so that you can refit it at any time the dog reverts to pulling. Using both hands, take up your lead to a comfortable length so that it is short enough to control your dog without being tight. We recommend the HALTI Training Lead for best results as it has been specifically designed with light weight clip and adjustable length. The feeling of something on instruxtions nose can also be distracting.

Persevere and be patient, the time you spend now will be short in comparison to a lifetime of easy walks! Alternating pressure between the two points of contact will enable you to both steer into the chosen direction and decrease your dog’s speed. And despite what you may think, your dog does not understand that they are doing anything wrong.