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The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra Technics and Civilization by Lewis Mumford The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn The Technological. 1. Turning Point: A Science of Living Systems by Fritjof Capra, Ph.D. In the first three decades of the 20th century, atomic and subatomic physics led to a dramatic. Fritjof Capra encourages his readers, whenever possible, to order his books through Starts from the conceptual framework presented in The Turning Point, .

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The first book to present jurisprudence — the theory and philosophy of law — as an intellectual discipline with a history and conceptual structure that shows surprising parallels to those of natural science. We have to either ignore those items or adjust our paradigm to accommodate the new information. Extends the framework of systems and complexity theory to the social domain and uses thus framework to discuss some of the critical issues of our time — tyrning management of human organizations, the challenges and dangers of economic globalization, the scientific and ethical problems of biotechnology, and the design of ecologically sustainable communities and technologies.

Aug 12, Justin rated it it was amazing. In particular, he explores paradigm shifts in biology, medicine, psychology, and economics. Jul 26, Patrick Seduge rated it liked it.

The Turning Point

Science Logic and Mathematics. No trivia or quizzes yet. And then goes on to propose solutions based on a holistic system theory. Ho faticato molto a finirlo, la ripetizione degli stessi concetti chiave usando le stesse parole lungo tutto il testo rendono la lettura un interminabile deja-vu.


One of the greatest books I’ve ever had the good fortune to read. Please try again later. Think of processes instead of structures. Jack, a politician, in Washington.

The Turning Point Science, Society, and the Rising Culture /Fritjof Capra. –. —

May 19, R. There is just enuf au jus in the explanation to make you think of the mechanisitc way a cogition is attached to a structure of method, yet it is an unadorned address. The film, Mindwalkis based on the book.

His “ideas” are an inch deep and, I suspect, for effect — mostly just the opposite of our culturally received wisdom, so that by showing us that east is always better than west, female is always better than male, new is always better than old, he relieves us from actually having to think these things through for ourselves to discover that the world is not really black and white.

Paperbackpages. Request removal from fritjod.

His insight on the Newtonian World-Machine and the Cartesian, mechanistic views of life are still steadfastly held onto by the dominating ruling minority. This book changed my life. Alfonso Montuori – – World Futures 69 Fritjof Capra born February 1, is an Austrian-born American physicist. Uncommon Wisdom Describes dialogues and personal encounters between himself and the thinkers who helped shape the theme of The Turning Point.

Bauchspies – – Blackwell. Pursuing the Systems Approach would lead to a cascading flow of benefit such as alleviating poverty, reducing the stockpiling of nuclear weapons, lower reliance on nuclear fission and the consequent production of dangerous elements such as Plutonium, and obliterating the economic chasms separating countries in the world today.


Laing’s quote, “mystics and Schizophrenics both swim in the same ocean, but while mystics swim, schizophrenics drown”.

At a subatomic level there are no solid objects. They believe that it will be critical for present and future generations of young students and researchers to understand this new systemic conception of life and turnnig implications for a broad range of professions — from the life sciences to economics, management, politics, medicine, psychology, and law. The book has been published in 7 editions in 4 languages. Analyzes the rise of the Rritjof Party in Germany and similar ecology-oriented political parties in other European countries.

The book has been published in 7 editions in 5 languages.

The Systems View of Life – The Turning Point – Fritjof Capra (82)

Dalam I Ching, filosofi tua cina, menurut Capra, keseimbangan ini adalah yin thw yang. Clifton – – Zygon 25 1: His approach is typically holistic versus the Cartesian view. Aug 04, Owlseyes rated it really liked it Shelves: While physicists were busy revolutionizing our outlook on the fundamentals of the universe, the mechanistic paradigm of the past had already taken hold on the methods of every other field.