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Flixborough disaster By: Paradigma Carlo Giovanni. Picture taken 5 days after the Nypro Flixborough Disaster which happened on June 1, Pic by George Schofield, of Barrow-on-Humber. 1 June is the 40th anniversary of the Flixborough disaster, an explosion at a chemical plant sited on the banks of the River Trent in Lincolnshire.

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The emphasis was upon prompt restart and — the inquiry felt — although this did not lead to the deliberate acceptance of hazards, it led to the adoption of a course of action whose hazards and indeed engineering practicalities were not adequately considered or understood. The report of the court of inquiry was critical of the installation of the bypass pipework on a number of counts: For any given distance where the comparison can be made, Flixborough gives a higher estimated over-pressure than Buncefield, and other things being equal — overpressure estimation techniques might have changed so much in 30 years that the comparison is meaningless is therefore presumably to be judged the larger explosion.

Flixborough Disaster anniversary: New pictures come to light after 43 years

Windows and frames were torn from walls, falling masonry wrecked cars and personal belongings littered streets. Flixborough, 1 June Popular Yorkshire resort is the perfect place for a summer staycation.

Where management lays down safety rules, it must also ensure that they are carried out. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Chemical Engineer During the late afternoon on 1 June the temporary bypass pipe ruptured, and a huge quantity of cyclohexane leaked from the pipe, forming a vapour cloud which then found a source of ignition.

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What happened on the final shift can never be known because all those in the control room were killed and all instrumentation and records were destroyed.


No calculations were done to ascertain whether the bellows or pipe would withstand these strains; no reference was made to the relevant British Standard, or any other accepted standard; no reference was made to the designer’s guide issued by the manufacturers of the bellows; no drawing of the pipe was made, other than in chalk on the workshop floor; no pressure testing either of the pipe or the complete assembly was made before it was fitted.

As a result, spontaneous combustion or a spray which were ignited by induced electrostatic charge, the result being a flame directed into the inside of an 8in. Journal of Loss Prevention flidborough the Process Industries. The occupants of the works laboratory had seen the release and evacuated the building before the release ignited; most survived. Occasionally, a large disaster can occur as a result of hot gas spouting to another piece of equipment, such flixboroughh the gas that leaked from the 50in.

Flixborough disaster – Wikipedia

The foundations of properties severely damaged by the blast and subsequently demolished can be found on land between the estate and the village, on the route known as Stather Road. Five years later, when disasyer EEC Commissioner Stanley Clinton Davis unveiled a plaque at the site to mark the completion of infrastructure works, there were already hundreds of new jobs on the estate.

Plant pressures at the time of the accident were unknown since all relevant instruments and records had been destroyed, and all relevant operators killed. Speculation followed about the source of the blast, but then there was a radio message to the gala venue that all emergency services were needed elsewhere.

Flixborough Disaster anniversary: New pictures come to light after 43 years – Scunthorpe Telegraph

In view of the Court of Inquiry’s qualified conclusion, the cause of the accident has been the subject of considerable controversy, especially as to the actual failure process e. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat The Flixborough site gained a new usewhen Glanford Borough Council decided to turn itinto a modern industrial estate. This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience.


They should now be required flixboorough demonstrate to the community as a whole that their plants are properly designed, well constructed and safely operated.

Subsequently, both forms of cyclohexane were introduced into the No. Finite element analysis has been carried out and flkxborough eyewitness evidence adduced to support this hypothesis.

It was not known why Flixborough adopted a high inventory process. For plants containing materials that might explode, the safety of the plant layout and equipment location should be considered.

The HSE website currently says “During the late afternoon on 1 June a 20 inch bypass system ruptured, which may have been flixbirough by a fire on a disadter 8-inch pipe”. It was suggested that a diagram be made of the relation between the distance from the point of release and the size of the cloud tonnes of hydrocarbon equivalent at the plant containing materials that might explode.

The Flixborough disaster was an explosion at a chemical plant close to the village of FlixboroughNorth LincolnshireEngland on Saturday, 1 June Sequence The cyclohexane flixborouugh process was performed in a series of six reactors, each holding about 20tonnes.

However, [12] gives a graphical presentation of the raw data overpressure inferred from damage vs distance from explosion source for Flixborough Fig 3. Skip to content Skip to navigation.