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11 dez. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 2. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique by Felizardo Cipire, , EMEDIL edition, in Portuguese – 1. ed. A educação tradicional em Moçambique. Front Cover. Felizardo Cipire Bibliographic information. QR code for A educação tradicional em Moçambique.

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Studies on cultural diversity can be framed in the context of post-colonial and cultural studies.

Concordamos com Dussel quando este afirma que:. A resposta de Samora Machel: Acesso em 17 jul. This is cultural hybridization that characterizes the urban culture of Mozambique.

Diversity, as well as inequality, are normal manifestations of human, social events, cultures and the responses of individuals toward the education in the classroom Diversity may appear more or less marked, but it is as normal as life itself, and we must accostumourselves with it and work from there.

A educação tradicional em Moçambique

For example, the illiterate in rural areas have a more ancient African culture and are poorer than the urban literate that have the most universal cultural values. It is through these cultural mixtures that appear tradiccional hybrid cultures. Cortez Editora,p. ABSTRACT From the start of the armed struggle against the Portuguese presence up until the independence of Mozambique June 25,the debates at the heart of the Frelimo Mozambique Liberation Front reflected the dilemma of “anticolonial nationalism” versus “socialism.

To Candaup. Today we often hear about the need to address diversity and to find ways to differentiate and diversify teaching.

Entrevista com Marcelino dos Santos. As says Hallin times of postmodernity and a world in which borders between countries are dissolved, globalization is leading to the strengthening of local identities and the educacai of new identities.

For such an undertaking is feasible we propose the creation and introduction of a discipline called “Teaching Diversity” in training courses for teachers, whose overall aim would be to reflect on the relationship between education, knowledge and culture. The African Communist Such studies are related to post-structuralism [Derrida and Foucault] which address the nature of social discourse; with the current post-modern [Lyotard], when addressing the overthrow of the narratives and contemporary subjects and also with the cultural studies [developed at the University of Birmingham], to focus its attention to issues of racism, gender and cultural identities.


Como citar esse texto: Different social classes can exhibit distinct cultural traits dependent on their socio-economic aspects. The question of difference recognition becomes the main focus of Multicultural Curriculum based on principles of multicultural tradivional.

To Gadottip. Pode-se considerar o actual sistema de misto ou de semi-descentralizado.

It is already been discussed with more openness about regional disparities, inequalities of opportunities for sex [gender] and social classes, the stigmatization of certain cultural practices [such as initiation rites, the practice of traditional medicine, the belief in the supernatural, etc.

Education and cultural hybridization Education in situations of multilingualism and multiculturalism as is the case of Mozambique lives in different voltages and faces many challenges, most notably the process of cultural hybridization, the tension between homogenization and cultural diversity and the tension between local knowledge and universal knowledge.

Sao Paulo, June The portuguese colonization [initiated in ] will bring European influences that will be added to the cultures of immigrant communities from India and China that are being set in various parts of Mozambique.

The idea of graduation becomes strongly adopted in curriculum and teaching becomes dependent of phases, courses, mental ages, normal and abnormal, early and late, successful and failed, etc. Encontro de educadores negros do MNU.

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Para Candaup. Eis algumas das frases que ouvi em One can consider that Mozambique has curriculum in Basic Education hybrid the level of contents, as well as the level of curriculum theories and approaches.

Africa Today25 1: Mas a cultura ultrapassa tudo isso. Jordan, as cited in Candaup. De acordo com Costap.

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Revista Brasileira de Estudos Urbanos e Regionais, vol. The great victory of the new educational and cultural view is that it seems that the Mozambican society faces the question of cultural differences with fewer taboos and subterfuges. In a society like Mozambique, despite having multiple ethnicities and languages, have experienced many cases of cultural “contamination” and are inevitably converging aspects between various cultures. The theme of diversity is brought to evidence since students were grouped according to their performances, this fact bring to the fore the issue of differences educscao students.


The fact that a commom curriculum exists should not annul the particularities and singularities. This author argues that cultural identities are declining, “giving rise to new identities and fragmenting the modern individual, hitherto seen as a subject unified” Hall,p.

Le cas des colonies portugaises et du Mozambique en particulier”. Teachers can not ignore the diversity and human and cultural wealth of their students. Era o habitual “estilo samoriano” de interpelar seus ouvintes e, a seguir, arremeter com a resposta: Children enter school, but the exclusion of such children is taking place “inside” because the right of access does not automatically guarantee success in school.

O caso de Belo Horizonte. Have content, goals, means and strategies for teaching different? All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. O espectro do “camarada Samora” parecia, assim, estar mais vivo do que nunca.

Intercultural perspective consider the relationships between different cultures and the interaction between them produces conflicts between different visions of the world; – respect to the subject in relation to intercultural education “as a relationship develops between people of different cultures.

Despite the pedagogical discourse advocating a politics of recognition and acceptance of diversity, cultural differences and respect each other, the actions effectively carried out have not been able to create a more egalitarian society free of prejudices and stigmatization ethnic, racialreligious, linguistic, etc.

A parte considerada de cimento manteve-se. The same author states that the hybrid cultures are a new type of identity produced in “late modernity”, people belonging to these cultures waive”the ambition of rediscovering any kind of cultural purity” lost “or educxcao absolutism [ Much of the ideas presented here derive from the findings of ethnographic educational research in Public Primary Schools in Mozambique. How to cite this article.