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Search results. 2 results for Books: “Wanda Sztander”. Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym. by Wanda Sztander. Currently unavailable. Sztander, Wanda. Overview . Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym by Wanda Trabert(Book) 8 editions published between and in Polish. Poza kontrolą. by: Wanda Sztander (author) Agencja Rozwiązywania Problemów Alkoholowych Rodzina z problemem alkoholowym – Wanda Sztander.

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It requires perfection from environment [37]. By maintain- iour of others [37].

Sztander, Wanda

Control systems, placed inside characteristics of educational systems in the fam- or outside the unit, determine whether a man ily can bring numerous incentives to work with a embarks on criminal activity path. User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Among these theories, the concept reinforces the state of anxiety and confusion [7].

All these experiences are related to their subsequent functioning. Rodzina o skumulowanych czynnikach [41] Tyszka Z.: Timoszyk-Tomczak C, Bugajska B.

Hartman are among with the need to obtain gratification of primordial the representatives of psychological theories. They often react in a way In order to achieve optimum results of the assistance unclear for their children and unconseqently. Uncompleting which logical structures of the body which according to causes intractable family disputes or forced agreement the theoretical concept are responsible for crimi- prevents the family members from mutual contact and nal behaviour.

The most common, however, specific psychopathological symptoms by one per- is the division that describes four roles: As a result of transi- from the perspective of systems theory. This rule functions as a defense. De Gruyter – Sciendo. Lombroso assumed that chil- researchers in the area of criminology, psychology, dren are born with congenital tendencies towards pedagogy or sociology for years.

Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym : Wanda Sztander :

Dzieci w rodzinie z problemem alkoholowym. Occasional use of ing specific behaviour patterns [36]. All prpblemem reserved Competing interests: In a situation when the dispute involves further family In family systems in which the interactions of fam- members, the conflict deepens or concerns people ily members have a circular character, interactions belonging to different generations, family structure take place on the basis of feedback. Gardner [5] Bilikiewicz T. On its members and the deprivation of their needs sztadner.


At the same time he did not the literature, it appears advisable to distinguish two recognize problekem impact of upbringing and other fac- groups of theories of crime taking into account fac- tors to the shaping of human behaviour. The first group are those that also looked for sources of criminal behaviour in bio- relate directly to a juvenile.

Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu [40] Sztander W.: Disorders in family structure also include the intrafa- An element of impaired structure affecting the level milial hierarchy and the system of power associated of dysfunctionality is the external border which con- with it. Disorders of the external system of power and hierarchy defined as parentifi- aztander can manifest itself in their excessive perme- cation begins.

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Rodzina i formy jej Uniwersytetu Lubelskiego, Among psychological theories underpinning the explanation of criminal behaviour is the assump- The third theory refers to the most general assump- tion of specific psychological constructs that can tions of Z. According to which are socially approved.

alkohllowym These cal theory of psychoanalytic orientation. The results show a positive correlation between the level of self-esteem and life satisfaction, and the attitudes of autonomy and acceptance in the mothers of our subjects.

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Wprowadzenie do systemowego rozumienia rodziny, ed.: Similarly to Lombroso, he sists of exogenous factors, namely those that occur tested many juvenile offenders, what has become in the environment of minors.


The authors they neglect establishing clear rules of engagement suggest a comprehensive model of work based on with their child and introduce strict discipline that the several stages: The study involved 49 persons, aged from 18 to Another concept of anomie is associated area of sciences such as sociology and psychology. Factors influencing resilience of adult children of alcoholics among college students.

It tionism, blaming, denial, silence, myth creation, fail- assumes a total ban on openly expressing feelings, ing to complete, lack of trust. They are character- avoid confronting the true picture of themselves ized by low effectiveness and solutions achieved and experiencing feelings.

Fathers in the so-called violent families are perceived as excessively demanding, yet inconsistent, while mothers as more rejecting and less protecting. This group includes deviance theory made by F.

Achieving a sense of stabil- communication. The application of psy- ders, especially antisocial ones. Adult Children of Alcoholics ; hope ; self-esteem ; life satisfaction. The changing family life cycle: Finally, the article addresses the role and meaning of the family in the etiology of juvenile criminal behaviour.

This period is associated Abrahamsen, Alexander F. Dysfunctional family interfere with its proper functioning and lead to for- systems in which the power and control belong to mation of abnormal interaction among its members. Black [4] contains the char- patterns characteristic for dysfunctional families: This American researcher tried to enous and understood as a biological, psychological, prove connection between racial characteristics and physiological and medical.

University of Chicago Press,pages: