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The Torch of Perpetual Guidance, an Exposé on Ziyarat Ashura of al-Imam this supplication is referred to as Du’a Alqamah named after the companion of. A site about ziaraat of Muslim religious sites with details, pictures, nohas, majalis and qasidas. Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws). Dua Alqamah. Dua to be recited after the recitation of Ziarat Ashura. Alqamah said that Imam Baqir.

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Give enough to me, O He who effectively and completely gives satisfaction. Peace be on you, O Abu Abdullah! Therefore, Thou art my trust, my hope, my dua e alqama, my refuge, my security, unto which one can run for safety, dux this reason I call for thy help, and seek Thy support to carry out my affairs easily and successfully, through Muhammad and the children of Muhammad I present myself uda Thee, try to draw Thy attention and dua e alqama for salvation.

Du’a After Ziyarat ‘Ashura – Du’a Alqamah

So please speak well of me ddua, of course, with Allah your thoughtful judgement is highly credible, your disposition enjoys conclusive preference, your action keeps step with dua e alqama acumen, and a sure means dua e alqama approach to gain His favour. Send away from me the terror that frightens me, the encumbrance that I find burdensome, the anxieties that wear me down, freeing me from their impact.

May Allah not make my this pledge of physical and spiritual close association with alqqma both the last fulfillment. O my Allah, in my on the spot situation, treat me like him or her who obtains from You Your blessings, mercy and forgiveness. Dua e alqama enough to me, O He who effectively and completely gives satisfaction.

Peace be on you, O son dua e alqama the Apostle of Allah! O he whom clamorous determined pleading of petitioners do not upset! There is no power and no might save in Allah. O He who keeps together and brings into harmony people who know and understand!

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O he whom clamorous determined pleading of petitioners do not upset! Thou art near, ready to avert the danger, no one else, save Thee, is close enough to stand by in the hour of trouble.

Those who want chaos in the society. O Dua e alqama Who knows the stealthy looks and that dua e alqama the breasts conceal! O He whom do not deceive those who do everything in secret! O He who is close by, nearer than my jugular vein! I now way I am challenging this dua e alqama or thinking it’s not correct, I have nor the status, knowledge to do so; I only need some clarity.

I come nearer to you both to establish close dua e alqama and spiritual relationship, and thereby seek nearness to Allah, my lord Nourishes and your lord Nourisher, through you I direct myself towards Him, and request you to speak in favour of my immediate at hand needs and wants I have put before Allah.

Because all praise is for Thee aloneand also prostration in thankfulness, thou alone listens to complaints, Thou alone is called upon for help. Verily He is near and gives positive answer to prayers. In Yazd, there was a righteous and virtuous man who used to preoccupy himself with acts of worship and make preparations for his next life in his grave.

There is neither might nor power except with Allah. I turn to you and Allah, away from them, their henchmen, their followers and their friends. O my Allah let contemptible disgrace stick like a leech on the forehead between his two eyes, expose him to emptiness in every effort he makes, let wicked inclination, distraction and inactivity cut deep into his body and soul, in order that Thou diverts his attention dua e alqama, me, absorbed in his own pursuits that do not free him to employ himself at another, dua e alqama him think no more of me as he has willfully neglected and forgotten Thee, take away from me and throw overboard his attention, dua e alqama, communication, influence, support, and perverted thinking every evil he commits or draws it on himself, let everything he does go waste, defective and incomplete, and do not give any letup so that he is kept fully preoccupied and gets no time to pay attention to me or think of me.


O Reliever of agonies! It would depend upon the level of tolerance as dua e alqama.

dua e alqama Will appreciate if you can shed some light on it please. Unto you both I have come with love and affection, motivated under Divine incentive.

O Fulfiller of wants and needs! May not Allah let me fall short of in that which I hope for and in that which I look long and attentively to establish everlasting reunion with you. O Fulfiller of wants and needs! dua e alqama

O He who is equal to and can do anything instead of another in the matters concerning all things; and nothing, in the heavens and the earth, can dua e alqama out of the reach of or is free from His hold. O He who gives dua e alqama and respite in distress! O He Who is nearer to me than my life-vein! Give enough to me, O He who effectively and completely gives satisfaction.

Ask an Alim | Religious Discussions

I will now leave you both. O Conferrer of demands! Verily He is near and gives positive answer to prayers.