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25 Jun THIRTY years separate Deep River (translated by Van C Gessel, Peter Owen, pounds ), Shusaku Endo’s most probing novel since his. 24 Jan A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Deep River by Endo Shusaku. Deep River Summary & Study Guide. Shusaku Endo. This Study Guide consists of approximately 33 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis.

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Their lucid logic and their ways of explaining everything in shudaku clear-cut terms sometimes even causes me pain. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

It’s hard not to see Deep River as Endo’s own religious summa. Jan 10, Pip rated it it was amazing Shelves: Get Deep River from Amazon.

‘Deep River’ by Shusaku Endo (Review)

Kiguchi looks to the land of Buddha to heal his trauma from WWII and the death of the friend who saved his life during the war but could not stand to live afterwards. Deep River is a novel of spiritual journeys.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. He learns of a little girl in India who claims to have been Japanese in a past life.

But overall — I really enjoyed this and feel like returning to this book again. Back in college she was friends with a bullying group of young men, a few of whom she screwed without pleasure.

And all those soldiers – they looked just like this. One person found this helpful. Deep River – UK. Read archived shusakk of Japanese classics at jtimes. Rver more Read less. Later, Kiguchi learns that Tsukada ate the flesh of a dead soldier to survive and save his friend.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

It sounds hippy-dippy, but it isn’t. I may make this my next one ,I struggled with my first Endo but liked his writing style just subject of the riveer I choose was a little upsettingLike Like. At some point they all end up standing before the ghats on the River Ganges. There is a tour guide, schedule and some annoying passengers. But that question aside, he offers plenty for people who are not interested in the question of faith, too.

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Trivia About Deep River. I found this to be a powerful book. Retrieved from ” https: The group includes Isobe, who is looking for his reincarnated wife, who he ignored deeo she was alive and Mitsuko, who has found emptiness in a series of personae: Mitsuko Naruse, after a failed marriage, realizes that she is a person incapable of love. Nothing has made me less excited to learn eiver other religions, and to read more assigned books, than Deep River has.

I guess it is loved in Japan too, if ejaculatory Do you know that scene in Billy Madison when this is a major spoiler if you haven’t seen Billy Madison and still mean to Bradley Whitford’s character is asked to explain the difference between ethics and morals? I think he is within man, and that he is a great life force that envelops man, envelops the trees, envelops the flowers and grasses. Not exactly groundbreaking insights here.

For this view he is damned by his pious, dogmatic teachers and fellow students. Chapter Four, The Case of Numada. I enjoyed the novel and found the characters interesting. Kiguchi is ill, and Mitsuko stays to care for him.

Customers who bought this item also bought. First, for Otsu, is the notion that Christ is found most clearly in the rejected.

His emotional connections in life have all been with animals. It forms an important part of our culture, although I should add that India’s on-going tour of New Zealand is rather disastrous.

The World’s Religions Plus. Sure, go to India if you like.


Deep River Summary & Study Guide

Too empty for me to give a fuck. That bumper sticker solved all my problems! His life was saved by a comrade who ate human flesh in order to survive another Christian symbol but became an alcoholic because his guilt was terrible. But Shusakk was a Roman Catholic and he knew what he believed. When she dumped him, he turned all the more devoutly to Christianity, going to France to become a priest.

Over the course of just over two-hundred pages, we meet many people, all with different motivations for making the trip abroad. The characters were fighting the great gnawing hunger in the stomach that’s dread of nothing to look forward to.

Then there is the intriguing interplay between Mitsuko, 20 years removed from the beguilingly smart and beautiful college student who is now in middle age, divorced and still bothered by Otsu, a student at the same time as she, who is committed to Christianity but is rver and inarticulate about his faith and position in life. The Japanese are so shocked by syusaku presence of the lower castes.

There is something about the P. The setting starts with the characters in Japan and as zhusaku search for something, they all end up in India particularly at the Ganges River.

Like American tourists who are shocked by the starving and don’t notice the homeless on their own streets. Scenes that seemed like pan in the sky: Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Don’t some of them not even believe in the literal truth of any of the Bible?