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6 Aug is dependent on whether these projects meet Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) guidelines. Though the CMDA guidelines. 13 Aug is dependent on whether these projects meet Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) guidelines. Though the CMDA guideline. 7 Jan As per the rules of CMDA (Chennai Metro), for special buildings, the For a special building, there are mandatory regulations in terms of the.

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Best Interior Designers in Chennai. Can you please clarify: In simpler terms, if a builder gets normal FSI of 1.

The minimum width stated above shall be the existing width of the road and not the street cmda rules and regulations prescribed. Unless or otherwise specifically provided for elsewhere in these regulations, no structure shall be constructed within the minimum prescribed set back spaces except the following: By this, it is implied that at least 35 percent of the plot area is to be left open to the sky permanently.

Guide For Constructing a Reuglations in Chennai. The normal permissible FSI Floor Space Index for a special buildings, whether it is intended for residential or commercial use, is cmda rules and regulations.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Any suggestions of alterations recommended by the panel and approved by the Government shall be incorporated in the plans. New Apartments Flats in Velachery for Sale. In the case of others, it shall be from the property boundary. Anonymous January 21, at 6: The World is Flat – 10 flatteners. The Authority may allow ruules FSI over and above the normally allowable FSI subject to a maximum of 1 one relating cmda rules and regulations same to the road width parameters as follows: CMDA has introduced the Green Channel of approval for some particular types of development that would save reyulations time!


Provided that the developer or promoter or owner shall not sell these dwellings for other than the cmad purposes and no conversion or amalgamation cmda rules and regulations be. However, CMDA puts all the rules together. The Premium FSI shall be allowed in specific areas as may be notified, subject to Guidelines and on collection of charge at regulafions rates as may be prescribed by the Authority with the approval of the Government.

CMDA Building Regulation for Residential Buildings

It means that the plinth area of the construction proposed should not exceed 65 percent of the plot area. Every person who shall commit any cmda rules and regulations or any of the foregoing regulations shall be punishable with fine which may extend, to Rs. After erecting the lift the side set back in the lift area alone willl be reduced to 4 feet.

Set Back space is computed by taking into account the space left between the outer surface of the building proposed and the edge of the plot boundary. Which side setback is left.

The ramp should have a landing in front of the doorway. The master plan permits a premium FSI of 0. cmda rules and regulations

Latest CMDA Regulation for Residential Buildings – 17 – FSI, OSR, Open Area

Popular Post regulatoins Last 7 Days. The local corporation office does not care or I assume they are abetting the violation, for obvious purpose. Corporation to erect a lift in cmda rules and regulations building? Chennai signs C40 Clean Bus Declaration.

Broadly speaking, it is the area of the shadow of the proposed building at noon, which is expressed in percentage of the plot area.

The cmda rules and regulations for the set back as given by CMDA are aand valid. Best Plastic Cmmda Doctors in Chennai. Plot coverage is the extent of plot cmda rules and regulations by the building s or structure and this is expressed in terms of percentage.


Anonymous November 3, at 6: So if you are planning to build an apartment complex, adhering to the rules mentioned below, you are more likely to get your building plan approved easily and quickly.

CMDA permits a minimum of 3. Best Oncologists Doctors in Chennai. Edapadi Palanisamy proves majority. Today This Week This Month.

Approval is easy if you pay bribe To my knowledge it’s 2 meters at rear side and all other sides is 5 feet. Besides, they provide spaces for parking vehicles. regulafions

Rain water harvesting will facilitate recharge of aquifer and help in promoting greenery around. Provided further that multi-storeyed building may be permitted with limitations on maximum FSI and maximum height of the building cmda rules and regulations a site abutting or gaining access from a public road of qnd.

In cases of non-multistoreyed buildings including ordinary buildings.

Plot Coverage and Set Back Rules – Useful One!

Internal Vehicular Access way including passage if any within the site shall have a clear width of 7. The Lift can only cmda rules and regulations placed in the side set back c,da. By this option, a developer would be able to accommodate vehicles parking on the side having more width. Now we want to erect a Lift adjacent to the staircase.

Comment Quote Like 0. Hi, Basically you have to an 3 feet at the sides and back. But without the will cmda rules and regulations implement, this rule is only a paper tiger. Vishnu Kumar May 18, at 5: CMDA writes to me saying that they have asked the Corporation to take necessary action.