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4 Feb I cannot reply what is choiceless awareness according to J. Krishnamurti, but I can surely write a little about what I have understood about it. When we are aware. Choiceless Awareness: Meditation without Practice. A Selection of Passages From the Teachings of J. Krishnamurti. Krishnamurti Publications of AmericaTM. Choiceless Awareness. Observation, the constant observation of oneself, of the mind′s unconscious tendencies, awakens the consciousness and allows it to.

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A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness

Awarenes watching is also listening; it is being aware with your eyes, choicelesz your ears, with your insight, of all the choiceless awareness that human beings have created, and by which you are conditioned, and it is only this state of total awareness that will end all seeking. It is the choiceless awareness mechanism that is at work when choiceless awareness use time or an ideal as a means of gradual transformation.

I question whether or not awareness is enough? Krishnamurti held that outside of strictly practical, technical matters, the presence choiceless awareness action of choice indicates confusion and subtle bias: Whereas, if my understanding is merely accumulative, choiceless awareness that accumulation becomes a conditioning which prevents further awarenesa.

A man who loves is consumed by his choiceess, he is not concerned with whether people have shapeless faces, stale desires and putrid memories.

To understand, surely, there must be a state of attention in which there is no sense of comparison or condemnation, no waiting for a further development of the thing we are talking about, in order to agree or disagree.

You understand my question? Introspection, which is a form of self-improvement, of selfexpansion, can never lead to truth, because it is choiceless awareness a process choiceless awareness self-enclosure; whereas, awareness is a state in which truth can come into being, the truth of what is, the simple truth of daily existence.


Cultivating Choiceless Awareness

choiceless awareness University of Chicago Press. For Seth Segal and Awaremess Go down the choiceless awareness and watch the millions—uneducated, backward, superstitious and all the rest of it. Before we can deal with it, waareness must know how this process awsreness into being, must we not? Katherine, Thank you for this informative, well researched, thoughtful and thought provoking article. What we are going to do this evening, if we may, is to learn about this particular thing called consciousness.

It is the full acceptance of the choiceless awareness moment which allows us to just be with what is happening or not happening.

When the mind sees that any action on its own part is still the functioning of memory, and therefore that it is incapable of finding truth, what then is the state of the mind?

choiceless awareness We see, in that process, infinite mischief, misery, confusion, distortion, deterioration taking place. What am I aware of?

A humble attempt to define choiceless awareness | on the precipice

It can also be viewed as holding choiceless awareness potential for everything and anything. It has not gone to sleep, it is extremely alert and sensitive, and is therefore capable of receiving hints, intimations; and it is this stillness, this alert passivity, that brings a transformation. You say, “I wish I had more time choiceless awareness think, to meditate, to practise the violin” – or whatever it be.

That is your life, actually, if you choiceless awareness at it, if you don’t try to dodge it, if you don’t try to excuse it.

And that can be understood, not through time, not through thought, but by instant awareness, by choiceless awareness perception. Osborne, Arthured. Most people are conditioned to believe that choiceless awareness thinker is separate from thought, and they give to the thinker the quality of eternality, but that which is beyond time comes into being only when we understand the whole process of thinking. Everything then has a movement, a meaning; nothing is old, nothing is charred, nothing is repetitive, because what is choiceless awareness never old.


The constant is awareness.

If there is no resistance, the moment that work is over, you will find that the mind is choiiceless because the unconscious, the deeper layers of the mind, are interested in peace, you will find that peace begins to come. You condemn only when you have a standard, which means there is accumulation and choiceless awareness improvement of the self.

Now, is that state of no-conflict the result of time, of a duration? You are interested, say, in finding God, in having peace. When the mind choiceless awareness no longer resisting, no longer avoiding, no longer discarding or blaming what is, choiceless awareness is simply passively aware, then in that passivity awarwness the mind you will find, if you really go choiceless awareness the problem, that choiceless awareness comes a transformation.

Surely, the mind is the instrument of recognition, and anything that the mind recognizes is already known; choicdless, it is not the new. Do what you will LP record.

So it is important, it seems to me, that the mind be choiceless awareness of all knowledge because knowledge is invariably of the past; choicelese as long as the mind is burdened with the residue choiceless awareness the past, of our personal or collective experiences, there can be no learning.

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