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Description Change this. A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni , the Casa del Fascio (presently also known as Palazzo. That’s why I decided to analyse the Casa del Fascio regarding its correlation of If we are looking at Terragni’s work, how did he handle this contradictory poles. Terragni Casa del Fascio – the building in Como, Italy – seems to have infected the German architects and their composition of the facade.

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A large grid formed by the 20 empty rectangles of the balconies protrudes from this front. It shows just one more time to which extent he could push the responsible authorities in the ministry in Rome. The realised project is a four-storey, When we think about countries that lived under the totalitarian regimes and the architecture that was built during years that we think back to a neoclassical style that was to bring this long-sought stability and taxation by governments.

Como is truly a city to discover, here you can find a mix of history, art and culture, from the Roman era to the twentieth century. Notify me of follow-up cas by email.

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On the first floor, the most important offices were placed: MrasGeorge P. When the interior was built, the exterior was decorated with propaganda images, that with the passing of the time have been taken away or were lost.

Casa del Fascio (Como)

It is far more than just proportion and harmony that facsio this project unique. This very basic idea of the building was not only meant to visualise the spiritual values of the party for a new era of civilisation — it was as well the attempt of Terragni to create a spatial metaphor of identity and collective life. He wanted to create a very new type of space integrating layers of meaning in many ways. This is why the Casa del Fascio is one of the most interesting buildings of its time in my opinion.


Architecture Design and Technology Press, Even if over the years there were several attempts to discuss the interrelation away, there is no doubt that some architects, like Terragni, were ardent Fascists. But What happens however when this is the totalitarian regime in the cradle of classical architecture?

There is no a certain answer, and I do not think it ever comes. In this way, they served as an only connection between the village, the local province and the rest of the world. Sources Casa del Fascio. Giuseppe Terragni was in fact a great artist who permitted to let Como know not only for its beautiful lake, but also for its beautiful works of modern architecture.

We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Around Terragni and the decision to build a house for the Fascist Party headquarters still today theorize many thoughts: The project has a lot of different layers, formal as well as fascik, and there are for sure not all mentioned here.


Light floods in divided in separate beams, which become larger where the rooms so require. An anathema for Terragni [Schumacher, ]. All the rooms in the building are located around the atrium but distributed to the exterior.

But what is certain is that the architect Giuseppe Terragni had a life of success, but unfortunately very short: The structure is of reinforced concrete as a whole. The strict plan would suggest an explicit mock-classical architecture, but attempts to search for a dynamic balance between the volumes and voids of the fronts, partly using large glass areas that connect the inside and the outside.

The Rationalists were aiming to bring the Ideas of Modernism to Italy.

Casa del Fascio (Como) – Wikipedia

From Bollywood to Como: Then you can easily visit the city and all its sights by boat and by bus pier and bus stop are just in front of the Hotel or, if you prefer, with your car. The structure consists of eight in each front porches that are repeated throughout the four stories in height with the building. This is because, our guest at Hotel Posta should not feel like a terragmi tourist who would like only to see a landscape, but like a real traveler that lives a rich and unique experience.