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ca Transconductance Amplifiers are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for ca Transconductance. The CA and CAA are similar in generic form to conventional operational amplifiers, but differ sufficiently to justify an explanation of their unique. The CA and CAA types are Gatable-Gain Blocks which utilize the unique operational-transconductance-amplifier. (OTA) concept described in.

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I didn’t look yet. I will pass on your concerns but please understand, these CA family of products were developed by RCA ca30800 a very old and obsolete fab process that is long since been discontinued and the fab plant was shut down and sold off.

Rochester – CA3080AE IC – Reissued OTA Chip

The MCP is an inverse-coefficient voltage controlled attenuator, which made compression circuits real easy to build. Also, this appears to affect the entire CA line which, besides the four OTA’s, includes transistor arrays, opamps, video amps, amps with unusual circuit configurations cs3080 taps, special purpose radio and television circuits, and so forth.

I tried, too, to persuade Intersil to keep at least the CA, which I use often.

The guys who the fab was sold to? We have problem ca30800 buy CAM I almost went to using the CA, but had problems with its manufacturer, Harris, who was a “competitor” in the broadcast industry at the time.

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So, my fellow analog enthusiasts, I suggest that you petition NJR for the ‘, ‘, and their like, if your quantity requirements are large enough to make it worth their while. Until then, it won’t appear on the entry. You can’t dynamically compress or expand in digital without generation of rounding noise We are sorry but what FAB equiptment we did not move to Florida, we sold with the building.

I predict that if the CA is not discontinued, sales will cx3080 up as the supplies of the other OTA chips drop off and the choice of which OTA to use narrows, with the resurgance of audio and electronic music applications, and with new applications being developed.

They’re shooting themselves in the foot! If you want, the MCP has a well drawn internal circuit. There has been a lot of ac3080 from the electronic music crowd for a long time about electronic music parts going out of production. Pond at May 20, It has an OTA and a buffer so seems perfect for filters.

CA’ s for sale in batches of 50 on ebay, from Hong Kong just snatched up ca380 bunch myself http: Now you can comment.

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But the OTA’s are a serious loss. The process used to make those chips is very old and has been handed ca3008 through a number of corporate buyouts.


I am designing a high order analog filter for the audio range. Do you know if another company like the one that purchased the old fab equipment is considering carrying on producction when the current stock depletes? The CA process was based on an old 7 micron specialized process. I’ll be happy to consult on such a project. Let’s raise the bar a little, shall we? Do you know of any date codes to avoid with the Harris or Intersil parts?

It might actually work for my dozens-of-OTA’s project. If you’re making a ‘s based synthesizer, you can use many different VCA circuits. Try ca30880 get other foundries to manufacture OTA chips.

Rochester – CAAE IC – Reissued OTA Chip | Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components

Or would Intersil consider introducing an improved 21st century version of the the CA, made in a modern fab? As for other sources, I would start with our obsolete distributor, Rochester Electronics.

What’s next, the ? We are now reviving and old product that used theand have found some surplus supplies. This time I had to use an LM and a resistor current circut to make the inversion for the compressor.