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View and Download Brunton user manual online. Brunton User Guide . Compass pdf manual download. View and Download Brunton 15TDCL user manual online. Brunton 15TDCL Compasses: User Guide. 15TDCL Compass pdf manual download. The Brunton Compass. A. Parts of the Brunton Pocket Transit. 1. compass- measuring magnetic bearing. 2. clinometer- measuring vertical inclination of planes.

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While the rectangular side of the box is still completely touching the layer, slowly turn mnaual brunton compass manual and reread the dip. The reference, however, can also be the south S in the quadrant scale, when reading the bearing i.


Linear objects can also be defined by their pitch on a specific plane. Thus, both trend and plunge are scalars; together they define the line vector. In such cases, we need to directly measure the strike by either brunton compass manual sighting or by touching as described brunton compass manual.

To do this we can either use the eye-level or waist-level sighting. Some inexperienced geologists assume that they conpass determine the strike of an inclined, non-vertical plane in this way.

If the dip is less than the previous reading, then we are going away from the maximum inclination, and our previous reading was closer to the true dip.

Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references. If you want a little more precision, you can use northeast, northwest, southeast, or southwest as well.

How do we determine what the magnetic declination is? This is a case where many inexperienced geologists can make a common, critical mistake! Retrieved 10 June Identify brunton compass manual point e. Measuring vertical angles, height, and distance To measure vertical angles, fold the lid and manjal the compass as was described for measuring the plunge of lines, i. Move the base brunton compass manual the Jacob staff to that point.

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Although these compasses were not very precise, they nonetheless. Do you know why, for example, that E east and W west appear reversed on the compass above? Notice that the trend of any line on brunton compass manual vertical plane is the same as the strike of that plane a useful geometric fact.

Brunton 9020 User Manual

Open the compass the arm and lid brunton compass manual completely and align the edge of the lid and box with the line while the whole ring on the back compsas the compass touches the fault. I’ll bet you wish you had a compass Flip the compass box is vertical while the lid and sighting arm are folded. Brunton compass manual work because the earth acts like a giant bar magnet. Setting the declination Geologists use the compass for mapping and measuring linear and planar objects.

Declination Declination Adjusting Adjusting for brunton compass manual Declination Declination Before coompass your Brunton compass, it is advisable to brunton compass manual sure it is properly adjusted to compensate for the local angle of declination. The N magnetic pole was positioned in at This is because the intersection of a non-vertical plane and non-horizontal plane is not a horizontal line, and thus cannot be a strike!

The weight needs to be reversed if using the compass in the southern hemisphere where the magnetic inclination is upward. Using the compass as hand level on a Jacob Staff The compass can be used as hand level, mounted on a Jacob Staff to measure the true stratigraphic thickness of a lithostratigraphic unit e. Determining the magnetic declination If the compass needle points east or west of brunton compass manual true north, the offset is called east or west declination, respectively.

The Brunton Compass Brunton compasses brunton compass manual three main parts, box, sighting arm, and lid. The lid, attached to the brunton compass manual with a hinge, contains the mirror with the axial line and oval sighting window for waist- and eye-level sightingand the sight. Stretch the sighting arm and bend the sighting tip. For a west declination of say 16o i. Measuring pitch is only possible if the linear feature lies on a physical plane.


Brunton, commonly referred to, not surprisingly, as a Brunton compass. Mount the compass vertically as in brunton compass manual the plunge on the Jacob Staff with the lid half closed; making sure that the clinometer is set at the measured dip angle.

If the plane of interest is not flat, and lies in front of us at the level of our line of sight, we must use eye-level sighting as follows. I said approximately because you’ll note in the figure above that the north and south magnetic poles brunton compass manual exactly align with the earth’s axis of rotation which defines the north and south brunton compass manual poles.

When using the Brunton compass we brunton compass manual be color-blind, and only read the direction of the needle that is correctly indicating the direction to which the line is plunging down, not up! The brunton compass manual of a line on the ground is given by the bearing of the line, which is the horizontal angle between the line and a reference, commonly north in the quadrant scale, or o marked as 0o on the card in the azimuth scale.

Brunton compass

brunton compass manual While in the same position, read the dip of the layer across the strike line using the clinometer brunton compass manual described for measuring the dip. Cheaper Chinese, Japanese, and German copies of the Brunton design are also available in the market. The attitude of both linear and planar objects has two general components: