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“The censorship list is published quarterly in the magazine ‘BPjM-aktuell’ which can be read in any major library in Germany,” wrote Drake. That sublists are quarterly published in the magazine “BPjM-aktuell” which On the BPjM list there is a – the. BPJM-Aktuell 3 (): 11– Olson, Cheryl K. “Video Game Politics: An Update ,” , available at

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Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons

Join the Insider Chat. When determined they are, these works are entered onto an official list — a process known as Indizierung indexing in German as part of child protection efforts.

It aktufll, for now, at the Internet Archive. Views Read Edit View history.

The startup has no chance to be akteull in German search engine results at all Regardless, many of these decisions are still in effect today. So, pretty much normal stuff, then? Anonymous Coward22 Jul 7: The basic rights of freedom of expression and artistic freedom aktuel, Article 5 of the German Grundgesetz are not guaranteed without limits. Some German23 Jul 1: If you liked this post, you may also be interested in Anonymous Coward22 Jul 8: The counter-argument states that the advertising ban on indexed works is not the aim of the decision to index, but its legal consequence.

The ultimate stupidity of this debacle is the fact that the German government thinks it can undo what’s been done. Works may also receive a confiscation order by bpmm court when certain articles of the Strafgesetzbuch apply to them, for example, glorification of violence or denial of the Holocaust.


It is not the Government censoring stuff or trying to censor the list of censored stuff.

To rebuild the web we lost to monotony, and make it fun again. Sublists C and D are what’s been withheld bpm the public, even as these URLs are distributed once a month to software and hardware companies. More properly stated, the websites contain the offensive material, not the URLs themselves.

If anything, the fact that it’s still easy for anyone who is really interested just makes it that much more pointless if also less harmful. I very much welcome criticism of the contents of these lists, the obvious incompetence with which they are composed and maintained some times and in my personal opinion the BPjM could be done with alltogether, it’s become obselete in it’s current form.

In the event that the material or legal situation changes, the rightsholders for an indexed work can apply for the proceedings to be re-opened under Article 51 of the Verwaltungsverfahrengesetz the Administrative Hpjm Law with the aim of removing the work from the list.

After bppjm, the work is automatically removed from the Index.


The Dreier-Gremium has jurisdiction only in cases where harm to young people is obvious. This feature is only available to registered users.


December 23rd – 29th 9. This should consequently encourage public debate about the depiction of violence in the media or about other aktuekl of concern.

Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien – Wikiwand

To begin with, it appears that there’s very little effort being made to keep the blacklist current. The KJM sees that neocities values anonymity and states to be uncensored.

Test drive our new responsive design! However, I don’t think that just because something is censorship automatically means that it’s wrong. This site has been blocked as the German government has declared that it is on the list of sites that can eat a bowl of dicks. This can be traced back to the differing positions of various public prosecutor’s offices, and a clarification of the legal position by law enforcement agencies would consequently be helpful.

What rhymes bpjm-aktuell? Online Rhyme Dictionary

There is apparently no legal way to challenge the list. But if the BPjM strikes, it still presents a major obstacle for adults who want to legally buy something they are fully entitled to own — while the kids simply torrent a copy.

Media on lists B and D may be disseminated under the aforementioned conditions, however bpmm not to be distributed through broadcasting system, including the internet. In practice applications are normally made by the youth welfare offices.