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BF datasheet, SILICON N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE MOS-FET, BF pdf, BF data sheet search for integrated circuits from 21 Sep BF Datasheet – N-Ch Dual Gate MOSFET – Philips, BF pdf, BF pinout, BF manual, BF schematic, BF equivalent, BF BF SILICON N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE MOS-FET. Oepletion type field-effect transistor in a plastic X-package with source and substrate interconnected.

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These are old stock items from a collection of a ham radio mans junkbox. Back to back diodes on the antenna line to the receive Bf981 datasheet amp DG Mosfet will aid to protect against static spikes which can damage these high impedance devices.

I bf981 datasheet used them in a converter that had a couple of damaged dg mosfets. I see numerous listings on ebay.

Dual Gate Mosfets BF and 3SK adapting them to through hole type

I bought some of these in bulk ie lots of 20 or so. Ive done this too as a “fix” SFE seems to be some sort of Motorola Proprietary device and data sheet and information seems dataseet be not available! I dont work with tube circuits all that much. I used the NTE bf981 datasheet web site to find info and bf981 datasheet file for this one.

N-Channel MOSFET low noise amplifier

It worked well right off the bat. Judging by the price at Talon. I did this very thing with the FT radio I was bf981 datasheet on. They seem to have some good stuff at good bf981 datasheet. I did not have any adapter plates available. Both DG Mosfets needed to be replaced. I have the full data on that too.


MFE – bf981 datasheet to NTE as does the more popular should be a good fit form function replacement for the I can spare some of these. This is “OK” for amateur use.

Datasheer we have here is the underside of the circuit board and a group of spare dual gate mosfets. They could not print the entire part numbers on these devices plus the datecodewhich Bf981 datasheet assume is forin the datasheef week and make it readable so they only put the end of the number on. Sellers in Hong Kong are offering them for less with free shipping.

I would use a ground strap or ground yourself frequently when bf981 datasheet. I have it in my FT front end circuit.

BF981 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

Even bf981 datasheet small mailable consumer items I can do repairs by mail order JUNE 12 updated with new information and pictures. I am just taking a quick look at your site.

The adapter plate is a much superior method.

I found they work very well as an RF front end transistor. Enterprising hams can perhaps adapt these to their circuits or bf981 datasheet fine transistor lead material to the axial leads thus bf981 datasheet radial wire leads. I can send in an envelope. I took one of these plentiful dual gate mosfets and soldered some datasheeet on the leads to make up a dual gate mosfet with 4 radial leads. I adapted the leads to a transistor socket bf981 datasheet my FT front end and this dg bf981 datasheet performed a bit better than the original or so it seemed to me.


Datasjeet old article is still on the page. I had to test bf981 datasheet gate at a time as my components tester only has 3 lead capability. Drop in replacement for or 3N or others. The BF comes to mind. I would keep the leads long and the body of the transistor could touch a conductive surface maybe.


Even though it is gate protected with back to back diodes Bf981 datasheet was done with bf981 datasheet radio shack 15 watt grounded tip soldering iron.

Not sure if it is low noise and good sensitivity or not. I used resistor leads that I cut off some cheap resistors I had around here to make the lead material.

I can supply you at a much lower price.

I have about 40 or 50 currently in stock. I sell a strip datashfet this socket material 40 pin for 85 cents each and I have about 50 strips in stock. I’ll take some pictures when I try this myself in bf981 datasheet near future. It’s a “Rhythm pattern generator” which would be used in something like an bf981 datasheet Hammond organ.

I do custom repairs FT mainly but Argonauts ; some solid state Heathkit datassheet and accessories bf981 datasheet I do custom creations.