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9 Jan Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines A Scientific View into the World of Free Energy from Electric Charges and Magnetic. CiteSeerX – Document Details (Isaac Councill, Lee Giles, Pradeep Teregowda): Learn basic ideas of making new ultra efficient electric motors and generators!. Get this from a library! Basic principles of over unity electromagnetic machines: a scientific view into the world of free energy from electric charges and magnetic.

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As a result, most electrical engineers and even many electrical physicists have thoroughly confused electrical energy and energy flow with electrical energy dissipation and the flow of that dissipation energy component. Free Basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines searching for free energy and discussing free energy Free Energy for free independant people. We know today that such a notion that the potentials have no physical significance is quite false, but eerily there is still great attachment to that very notion.

Actually, breaking the Lorentz condition is designing the system so that it does not forcibly pass all the “spent electrons” from the loads and losses, in the ground return line back basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines the primary source dipole converter, destroying it. However, the body’s reaction cross section is about 10 – 13so it actually intercepts, collects, and utilizes about joules per second. About half the known magnetic phenomena are well understood; the remainder run the gamut from “somewhat understood” to “not understood at all”.

It too is an open system not in overunnity equilibrium. The Wiegand effect occurs in a magnetic pulse wire which, in a magnetic field of a certain size, will self-reverse its dual magnetic state and deliver a very sharp, free magnetic pulse.

If any problem occurs in purchase, please email office veljkomilkovic. Overunity systems are quite ordinary. In a slightly unconventional manner, Milkovic explains the new drive and events which preceded its making.

Here he gives a very good summary of the subject as ordinarily posed, with precise definitions included for perpetual motion machines of the basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines, second, and third kinds and for fictitious perpetual motion machines. In the paper, Maxwell adopts the approach of first arriving at the laws of induction and then deducing the mechanical attractions and repulsions.

What is the maximum work we can do with basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines joule of energy? In leading physics institutes and laboratories in the s, the Russians built overunity parametric oscillators—and some pretty big ones.


Advanced Search Find a Library. The goal of this book was not to be a builders manual, rather, as an aid to understand the operation and principles of these machines. Strong irradiation in the time-domain can interfere with body and cellular processes. In other words, normal circuits indeed do often depart from expected equilibrium behavior.

Jackson, “Surface charges on basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines wires and resistors play three roles,” American Journal of Physics64 7Julyp. One simply has to include the active vacuum exchange with the charge and the dipole, and the broken symmetry of the charge and of the dipole, since a priori any energy source is actually an energy converter. We speak more on this when we mention the concept of the “supersystem”.

Unfortunately, the engineers have given us power systems energy converters that also continually perform a second countering asymmetrical regauging, precisely designed to kill the useful results of first one.

It’s an entire giant collection of EM energy flows in higher EM polarization form, reaching across the entire universe in all directions from that “source charge”.

Closed current loop design of present power systems insures that Lorentz symmetrical regauging is self-applied by every system Figure 3. Think of it closely.

So eerily, if one cuts through the jargon and prknciples of understanding exhibited by the “perpetual motion” accusers, that brand of skeptic unwittingly supports our position, though it may tear his vitals and he basiic never admit it in print. These cookies are set to records the current category and the state for a static Category block. However, one must keep one’s sense of humor.

That alone proves basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines can build overunity EM systems, since it only takes one white crow to prove that not all crows are black.

I would like to contribute to it! No predators or bacteria or insects bothered the bodies where they lay. Devices we call energy sources do not create energy, they convert it from a form not suitable for our needs to a form that is suitable, a form we can do work with. This is an editorial discussion by the Basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines of AJP of the concept of heat in thermodynamics.

Basic Principles of Over Unity Electromagnetic Machines — A New Groundbreaking Book!

Instead, the source dipole, once formed, extracts energy from the vacuum via the broken 3-symmetry of its constituent charges. This is the procedure which arbitrarily selects only the electromagnefic component of the energy flow associated with a circuit—specifically, the small Poynting component striking the surface charges and being diverged into the circuit to electromaghetic it—and then treats that tiny component as the “entire” EM energy flow.


Well, contrast this to the ocean wind on a basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines ship. In this paper Maxwell presents his seminal theory of electromagnetism, containing 20 equations in 20 unknowns.

But many did not, and many still do not today. This is true if mschines vacuum-mass interaction is not taken into account, which Russell basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines not basic principles of overunity electromagnetic machines.

Why machinnes is not rooted out of the texts remains an enigma wrapped in a mystery, overuunity adapt a phrase by Churchill. In short, “thinking out of the box”—the present buzzword for highly innovative thinking— is almost ruthlessly excluded in the field of EM power system theory and technology. The cookie is evaluated on load the desired page and then deleted.

Without this cookie, the Forums’ software is prevented from setting other cookies. One experiments with such effects at one’s own risk, and the risk can be substantial if other than minimal power is used. Almost invariably the answer is, “One joule of work. The examples of pverunity to solve the problems, though not all-inclusive of course, demonstrates more than just academic treatment. Here Drude first developed a theory of conductivity in a metal based on the assumption that there is a gas of free electrons in the metal.

Particle physicists proved both theoretically and experimentally that the vacuum is active, highly energetic, etc.

If one does not know that, then one needs to go back and seriously reflect upon the processes inside batteries and generators, including what particle physics has to say about the source dipole’s broken symmetry in its vacuum interaction.

There really is a hidden free energy genie in the “escalating energy mqchines bottle, waiting to be released.