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Buy The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War Digital original by Antony Beevor (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low. Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway The Battle for Spain by Antony Beevor The Assassin’s Mark by David . A fresh and acclaimed account of the Spanish Civil War by the bestselling author the 70th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War’s outbreak, Antony Beevor has.

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While the cruelty of Franco’s Nationalists is shocking in its systematic viciousness, the Republic was hamstrung by incompetence and ideological infighting. For the Left bears much of the responsibility for the ultimate destruction of the Republic it claimed to revere. Even if the book’s main focus isit would be useful to see how the Spanish Catholic-fascists served NATO and CIA interests through the Cold War, only to be undone by the ajtony trends of modern secular life.

It gums up any narrative momentum and makes reading dramatic events as dry as reading an outdated chemistry textbook. Beevor ends with the observation that the historian must always end with questions rather than convenient conclusions.

The battle for Spain, by Antony Beevor

It just doesn’t meet my needs. There is unease in Spain at the moment about many of these aspects, which is why a debate is so necessary and so healthy.

Posters, described as “soldiers of paper and ink”, were ubiquitous – though when German International Brigaders put up the slogan “We Exalt Discipline” French recruits posted precautions against venereal disease. They were far better than their opponents at fabricating and placing atrocity stories. It is not necessarily bad, but sometimes I think that if there were not so many details, it wouldn’t have taken me so antnoy to finish this book. Though dying of Hodgkins lymphoma, Battlle continued to work diligently.

A war for opportunists Filed: That should be a huge lesson every culture should pick up on. Beevor does a good job in that regard. The Republic antny the European Crisis. It is even-tempered and full of good sense.

They took over and were protected from competition, with no new banks being established for over twenty years. His focus is more on large-scale movements than on individual stories. This was particularly true in the Republican zone, where bewildering political rivalries were bedevilled by the interference of Soviet advisers.


By applying the technique of the Annals of Confucius — recounting horrors in an unimpassioned tone — he has produced a moving masterpiece of the indictment of war.

To ask other readers questions about The Battle for Spainplease sign up. However, the first edition was overshadowed by Hugh Thomas’s masterpiece, which antonu itself been recently revised and enlarged. Instead, Beevor estimates, Franco placed up to half a million Republicans in concentration camps at the end of the war, to slave away in labour battalions for decades.

Since then, Spanish historians have been redressing the balance with a plethora of works on the subject and much painstaking research in local archives. Limbering up for the Second World War, German and Italian military commanders used Spain as a testing ground for new equipment and tactics. However, the form of the socialism was highly diverse ranging from anarchy to social conservatism with a large side order of communism.

Almost all the supposed peculiarities of Spanish history turn out, in the light of recent research, not to have been unusual at all.

Equality without authority produces justice without power. However, the first edition was overshadowed by Hugh Thomas’s masterpiece, which had itself been recently revised and enlarged.

The Battle for Spain

The Nationalists, a mixture of army officers, the Carlist forces in the north an odd sort of very traditional Catholic monarchists with some popular supportthe Falange party something like the Italian fascists and the Catholic hierarchy were more united in their goals. The anarchist leader Buenaventura Durruti told a reporter: The Spanish people and their leaders were to blame. The “Red Terror”, which creamed the scum off the top to paraphrase Stalin’s ambassadorreminded some of barbarian massacres.

Beevor es un escritor excelente. I read this book because the Spanish Civil War is mentioned Amazon I really enjoyed the intimacy and depth of Beevor’s Stalingrad: There were brilliant documentaries by Orwell and Koestler.

Penguin- History – pages. Beevor incorporates research made available only after the fall of the Soviet Union, which fought on the side of the Republicans, but he fails to adequately summarize so many facts piled upon facts, stacked like stolid towers of encyclopedias. So although the present work replicates the structure and often echoes the language of its predecessor, it is more an improved recipe than a reheated dish. The portions focused on the inter-workings were fascinating.

He also has particularly interesting things to say about the European political figures of spainn time, particularly Chamberlain and his policy of appeasement which is mentioned in the book several times with the Axis, which were openly collaborating batt,e Franco, heevor spite of, at least at the beginning of the conflict, being signatories of a non-intervention pact, bathle with the Allies.


There can be no doubt that Beevor tor right that the Republic tried to do too much too quickly. There is a lot to be said for arguments against appeasement, after reading a book like this. Nonetheless, Beevor never manages to pierce angony wall of acronyms and politicals, never manages to find an underdog to champion His obsession with detail marks him out from other star names who seem less willing to spend years lost in archives: Today Spain is a great success, and to this I can only say Viva Espana!

I read the English edition of this book which I understand is an abridged version of the original battls was published in Spanish. It’s a marvelously clear, though overly concise, account of some of the key events and for this reason will be an excellent starting point for anyone new to the subject and a good refresher for those who already know some of it. For those needing to be made an example of, he wrote ‘garrote y prensa’ garrotting and press coverage on the death warrant. He also shows how Britain’s non-intervention policy assisted the fascist cause.

The Battle for Spain: Nevertheless, this book does what I hoped it would: Hundreds of Catholic priests were murdered by both parties. My rudimentary knowledge of the conflict led me to simplify it as a war between the Nazi supported Nationalists vs. Although the book An excellent analysis of a conflict in which the Spanish people are the filling in a sandwich, the slices comprising a fight between the extreme right and extreme left.

Beevor notes the significant point that had the Republicans lost the prewar election they, too, would almost certainly have resorted spani arms to contest the democratic verdict, and that had they won the war, batttle communists would probably have seized monopoly power with their usual ruthlessness.