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ANSB Datasheet: ANSB Motor Controller, ANSB PDF Download Panasonic Corporation, ANSB Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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April 23, 9: You can use these tags: Digging through my junk box today, I unearthed the zn8247sb mirror from a laser printer, otherwise known as the Heart of the LaserJet. I spun the mirror assembly, and I saw pulses! April 22, 7: My pins are from right: To participate you need to register.

Started by chemelec Today at 4: On impulse, I dramatically increased the frequency.

AN8247SB Panasonic laser disk spindle Motor Controller datasheet.

Started by rashan shrestha 22 minutes ago Replies: January 17, 7: I tried grounding it through an ammeter and noticed that the current, although it started at a few hundred microamps, tapered off quite rapidly. So pin 5 is a synchronization input. Service manual for the HPLJ gives following description of the scanner motor connector may be different in the model you have: October 3, July 25, I connected a function an847sb at a few kilohertz with a 3.


What I suspect to be pin 5 appears to be the power supply since it connects to two very low valued resistors 0. There must be a capacitor in series somewhere on the motor board, and that means the pin is designed for AC signals.

So my usual plan of attack does not succeed. December 30, 2: February 19, 1: Most of the other pins disappear inside the undocumented chip.

January 8, 5: It also had a 5 pin connection to the motor, but the pin-out was different: First I tried connecting a 10K ab8247sb resistor to pin 2 on the motor driver board to 3. It will be very useful for servicing my printer. How to create dashed plot in Octave? Tracing back through the power board I notice that it connects to a filter capacitor with a 25V rating.

TubeTime » Blog Archive » Laser Printer Scanning Mirror Experiments

That was really great because I was worried that those two pins were I2C control lines which would have made reverse engineering a lot more difficult. April 1, You could have found pinout easely from a chip datasheet, which is next to connector. It also spins at lower voltage in as well.


I found a doc on a similar chip similar series number and this is OEM so probably related on the Toshiba website. I search google and other datasheets servers but no use?

Drop me a line in the comments if you think you can guess what my idea is, or to post your own ideas, or even if you find this information useful for your own project.