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19 Nov MICROPROCESSOR & MICROCONTROLLER LAB MANUAL MICROPROCESSOR PROGRAMS NAKUMAR. M.E. Write a program using Microprocessor for Decimal, Hexadecimal addition and subtraction Microprocessor programming kit, FLOWCHART: . Microprocessor Prac Course File. Practical Course . After student prepare flowchart of a program, the next step is to determine the instruction statements.

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Program to find the largest number in an array | Electricalvoice

The flowchart to add two 8-bit numbers is shown below: The program given below gives the complete listing of the addition of two 8-bit numbers, the program listed below also shows the the machine opcode and the addresses where the program is to be loaded witu memory. Type the starting address in the address field of the 7-segment display iii.

Addition proograms two 8-bit numbers with carry. The fourth instruction STA h is used to store the result content of accumulator in memory at location h and this instruction having opcode 32 is a 3 byte instruction stored at locationand The last instruction HLT is used to end the execution of the program. The 2nd instruction reads a byte from memory and loads it in accumulator A.


Program to Add two 8-bit numbers along with Carry | Electricalvoice

The opcode is Press GO key on the Kit ii. The two 8-bit numbers are stored in memory location h and h and the result of addition is to be save in memory at location WAP microprocessot and verify for: The result 4A is seen in the data field of the 7-segment display.

The pcode 7E is stored in memory at location The theory is explained at the begining of the 1st approach. The letter ‘E’ will be displayed in the 7-segment address field to indicate that the prgram executed successfully.

Type h in the address field iii. The 1st instruction MVI A,93h, which is a two byte instruction, loads an immediate byte 93h in the accumulator.

The instruction is stored in memory at location, and To check the result: Entering the the number in the memory: So it points to h. The program to add two 8-bit numbers stored in memory is shown below along with the opcode and the physical locations where the program will be loaded in memory.

The next instruction at location having opcode 23 increments the HL pair.

The 1st instruction LXI H, h is a 3 byte instruction. Program Listing for 1st Method using the immediate 8-bit data: Type the next opcode in the data field of the display vi. If the sum is larger than eight bits Witnit sets the carry flag. To execute the program: Press NEXT; and type the opcode in the data field.

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Program to Add two 8-bit numbers along with Carry

Press NEXT key on the kit. The 5th instruction adds the content of register A and B. The third instruction increments the memory pointer HL register and now it will contain h The 4th instruction reads a byte from memory location h and load it in register B.

The opcode for this instruction is 0E and is stored at addressthe 8-bit operand B7h get stored at location Entering the Program in memory of Programmer kit: The third instruction ADD C has the opcode 81 stored at addressafter this instruction is executed the result get stored in accumulator.

Type the starting address of the prgram in the address field iii. Press NEXT key, you will find that the next memory address is automatically displayed v.

The output can be verified as: To Check the Output: