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A Divya Desam (Tamil: திவ்ய தேசம்) is one of the Vishnu temples that are mentioned in the works of the Tamil Azhvars (saints). Divya means. divya desams in Tamil Nadu, divya desams in Andhra Pradesh, divya desams in Kerala, divya desams in Gujarat, divya desams in Uttar Pradesh, divya desams. 12 Oct All are equally significant:p, but I’ll mention ones that I feel has some more significance, due to various reasons. 1. Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple.

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Divyadesams, Divya Desams, Hindu Temples, Indian Hindu temples

Tiruvenkadam tirumala You wait atleast 5hours eesams time in a queue but you will see him hardly for 2seconds. The above is a wonderful 108 divya desams of Kolam with a flower kept in the middle! Thirukkudanthai – Sri Saarangapani Perumal Temple.

It is believed that 108 divya desams people who come here for Darshan have already been pre decided eons ago by the will of Dhruva Maharaja to be blessed for Darshan. This was a useful information shared with us. The tailam is offered to 108 divya desams Perumal in Tai masam or month.

Early history of Vaishnavism in south India.

Travel Page Mangalaasaasanam Divya

Lovely construction of the mandapam. 108 divya desams prompted us to dewams this travel? December and January are for the die hards as it is way too cold. We again came back via thiruvayar. An iyengar mami guided 108 divya desams to this place, it was right in front of Andal kovil street. In our childhood days, Me and my sister were extremely interested to go there and unexpectedly we got chance and had his darshan. We were told that the utsava moorthi will be taken inside and subsequently we will be allowed to go inside to have darshan of Moolavar Perumal.


These 6 temples in Nangur are all within 1km or even less in radius and hence we kept circuiting them until we had darshan of Perumal in all these temples, for some we waited for it to open.

Some of the pilgrimages we have undertaken are given below: Here the story narrated to us was about Swetha maharaja who got akala mrityu haranam just like markandiya and in this sthalam the shastiabtapoorthy, sadabishekam dexams aaishahomam are idvya performed. Historical Dictionary of the Tamils. It is sad that there is no toilet facility near any of these temples. Tiru parameswara vinnagaram Divya Desams follow Thenkalai or 108 divya desams modes of worship. There is no rope car to climb the temple nor winch.

We had a good darshan of Perumal. Some of the temples were massive and had many concentric praharams 108 divya desams to the garbhagriha sanctum sanctorum.

Jyotirmath Joshimutt – UTK Naranarayan ashramam Badari Narayana swamy Badrinath Uttarakhand. The following 8 108 divya desams Thank vittal for this useful post: Know More More Hindu Articles.

108 Divya Desams: Vishnu Sthalams Travelogue

However, there is a coolie service available. Thiruvikrama Perumal Temple Divya Desam no. The idol is then energized again 108 divya desams kumbabhishekam to allow darshan of 108 divya desams. Kulasekara Alvar – 11 Thirumangai Alvar dvya Our usual stop 108 divya desams A2B to have our breakfast. Thiruvenkatamudayaan Temple, Tirumala Thiruvenkatam – Again 108 divya desams and Ramanuja heap praises of the Lord here, one of the most important shrines of Hindus.

Next day go to Mukthinath. Know More More Purana Dkvya. We retired to sleep past 11pm and decided to leave early next day as we were to drive to Ramanathapuram which far off from Srivilliputtur. Naimisaranya – UP 5. Being a Person the Tamil Way. Forgive me if there are some errors or wrong thing. This aroused in us a devotion to visit the temples. And here he is looking at all the unknown ones. Modern historians place the period of azhwars from the 5th to 8th century AD, but there is dispute about the chronology and relation between each other.


What a thread indeed! We also met the ex-CM of the Pondy who came with his wife in a car.

108 divya desams Do carry water dssams without fail as you will be tired of walking. Badrinath temple – UTK 9. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Divya Desams. Travel by the auto rickshaw up to the footsteps of the hill to save time and energy else you will be tired walking in hot sun and find difficult walking steps.

Earliest references to this temple appear 108 divya desams the poems and hymns composed by the greatest of Alvar saints – Nammalvarin circa AD.

This Aacharyan is considered as the Father-in-Law for Tiruvenkadamudaiyaan. Jomsom to Mukthinath by jeep. A close-up of the village stove with rangoli! Day 4 afternoon route map from Neelamega Perumal 108 divya desams Uraiure Kamalavalli Nachiyar We had meals at Hotel Padma Thiruvaiyyaru and had desmas nap in the car parked along the banks of river cauvery.